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Burned my First "mini-BD-R"--Some Q's...

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Mark Weiss
Burned my First "mini-BD-R"--Some Q's...
on Dec 22, 2007 at 5:55:55 am

My wife bought a Sony BDP-S301 yesterday and naturally, wanting to see if I could output some of the HDV content we produced this year on a mini-BD disc using 4.7GB DVD-R media, I set to work on trying to create a 'test' DVD to play, containing 18 minutes of hi-def source material.

I mastered several projects in Premiere Pro CS3 at HD resolution, so it was just a matter of selecting a project and selecting 18 minutes of hi-def footage and exporting to Adobe Media Encoder, using the Blu-print preset at 24FPS, 35mb/S, 1920x1080, NTSC. I exported the audio as 16/48 LPCM.

I had some issues with Adobe Encore, which I Googled and found solutions for. Eventually, I ended up with a BD image folder, containing my project.

I fired up Nero and burned them as a DVD-ROM, UDF 1.2 file format.

Hot off the burner, I inserted this DVD into the Sony BD player and to my utter shock and surprise---it recognized the disc and began to play! Only problem was that the video stutters badly and there's no audio.

I went back to the 00000.m2ts file that was in the burn folder and played it in Media Player Classic. The file plays smoothly... but there's no audio. The bitrate is shown as 35mb/S by MPC.

The 00000.m2ts is a few kilobits larger than the SUM of the size of the LPCM file and that m2v file that were used as assets in Encore to make this burn folder. That suggests to me that the audio IS in there, but for some reason, is not being played.

Pressing the Display button twice on the Sony S301 revealed interesting clues: The bitrate displayed was around 10.16-10.8mb/S---far below the 35 that the file is encoded at.
What I think is happening is that the S301 is seeing this disc as red laser DVD media and spinning it at regular DVD speeds--thereby limiting frame rate to about 8-10fps. The player can read the m2ts transport stream, but it isn't spinning the disc fast enough (or the disc sector density isn't high enough) to to play at full frame rate.

I have heard in the recent past about successful efforts at making BD-Rs that play in Playstation III units, but what wasn't clear was whether that was 4.7GB media or not.

Is it possible to make a 'mini-BD" disc that plays properly, or am I dreaming of the HD-DVD mini that is talked about in the Mac community?

Take care,

Mark & Mary Ann Weiss The Bass Pig's Lair - 15,000 Watts of Driving Stereo!

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