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FINAL BUILD - Main timeline quits early and returns to menu?

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FINAL BUILD - Main timeline quits early and returns to menu?
on Aug 7, 2006 at 4:43:25 am

Right this has me scratching my head -
I have a Concert we shot, broken into sets - 1st & 2nd. Here I am, attempting to make the final proof (hopefully the master too) and on the 1st Set, about 2 mins from the end of the timeline it quits early and returns to the main menu (as it should at the end of the timeline). There is no Chapters nearby or any obvious reason why it quits early. If I fastforward through the exact time where it quits, it plays fine and ends as it should.
Encores preview show everything fine, the timeline also previews fine in the monitor window. Only when I 'Build Disk' and create a disk image does the problem occour.
The project is 2hrs 13mins long, with the 1st Set being the longest - 01:09:48. I vaguely thought this could be the layer break but it occours on a burnt disc straight out of Encore but also via a mounted ISO and using either OSX's DVD Player or Media Player Classic on XP. I'm yet to figure exactly HOW to manually set a layer break as everytime I put it on manual it just errors about not being able to find a good location.

I've, in an attempt to try everything, have redone the whole project from scratch and reimported all assests to the project - same problem.

Each timeline is made from a FCP linked Quicktime into M2V & AIF using DVDSP4, then put on a pc and imported to Encore. All the authoring (Animated menus, PSD's) are all done on the PC. I've gone through and made sure theres no Markers in the FCP projects and then reexported, reencoded and reimported with no luck.

Through out the process we've been sending proofs to the client with the developing menu and have had no issues. And as I have mentioned the other sections are working perfectly.

Any help on this would be awesome, from what has been a good lesson in Encore is now turning into a real pain. Thanks

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Re: FINAL BUILD - Main timeline quits early and returns to menu?
on Aug 10, 2006 at 4:25:34 am

After some hunting around I couldn't find a solution, I started realising could be a layer break causing the problem. Encores layer break setting is a mystery at best, and an inconfigurable monster at worst.
Until I looked into a program called Ifoedit, which brokedown the IFO files and within that listings of any Layer breaks - which was within a minute or so of the glitch. So I've rerendered the M2V at a slightly lower Bitrate knocking off 200mb of size and WaLa - working disc!
So there you go - if you're having a problem with Encore on what seems to be a good project in this area then this could be the problem.

Of course once I got the OK from the client it soon became apparent that no one at Adobe ever sent a Dual Layer master off for duplication. The duplication company asked for the layers to made seperate and supplied on 2x DVD-R's - something Encore doesn't do - infact unless you've got a DLT you can't do it. Pretty annoying to have such a feature missing - luckily Gear Pro allows ripping of a disc back to 2 seperate DDT files to supply - I hope Adobe adds this feature ASAP - small production facilities have no need for a DLT the rest of the time and supplying work as an IMG/ISO file is a pretty obvious delivery process.

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