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Out Of Memory/Runtime Error" - Problem solved; Kinda...

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Out Of Memory/Runtime Error" - Problem solved; Kinda...
on Jul 27, 2006 at 12:01:38 am

Last weekend I had some major problems with Encore v2.0 crashing on me, giving me a bunch of different error messages like "Out of Memory", "General Error" (love that one), "Runtime Error", etc.

I've been a hardcore Encore user for almost 3 years now since the release of v1.0, and have NEVER experienced anything remotely as weird as what happened to me during this job I'm finishing up now for a client.

The job in question is a DVD-5 (both NTSC and PAL versions), 5 Timelines (5x 12 minutes of video total), and then seven (7) different Subtitle language tracks for each Timeline. This was my first foray into working with Subtitles in Encore.

My client provided to me about 2.8 Gigs worth of Subtitle IMAGES, together with a Subtitle script, that I then proceeded to import into my project.
Everything went great until halfway through - then, to make a long story short, all hell broke lose - one error message after the other.

I troubleshot my project file; tried again; same thing.
I re-built it from scratch a few times; same thing... CRASHES; "Out of Memory", etc.

(Sometimes the crashes came halfway through the 'design' of my project, other times it came halfway through the actual "Build Disc" process.)

And it was at this point when I posted my original questions on this forum to see if somebody could help me. But no direct immediate fixes or workarounds were proposed.

(I un-installed, re-installed Encore, but that didn't help either...)

After about 72 hours without sleep, scouring the Encore forum archives at Cow, using Google and other search engines, I was able to find, through trials and errors, a customized solution to my problem.

Yes, my project was working great and burned fine without the Subtitles, so I knew that's where the problem lied.

Anyways... my own machine, a Dell 8400 with a 3Ghz P4 processor and 1 Gigs or RAM clearly meets Adobe's requirements for running Encore successfully, so on paper, I wasn't suppose to run out of memory.
And no, there were no other programs running on my machine at the same time. In fact, my machine in question is a dedicated editing and DVD authoring workstation not even hooked up to the Internet.

But that said; when checking XP's Task Manager during my Encore sessions, I could clearly see that it was eating up memory like there was no tomorrow. And especially when I started importing Subtitle IMAGE SCRIPTS.

I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, this is what I did in order for me to finish this job without any errors:

1. I went into 'msconfig' and made sure to kill all startup apps not directly related to run XP.
2. I reduced my video card's color setting from 32 bit down to 16 bit.
3. I reduced my screen resolution from 1280x1024 down to 1024x768.
4. I went into "My Computer" and the settings for XP's visual effects; There I reduced all animations to "Adjust for best performance".
5. I also increased my 'virtual memory' setting up to a maximum of 4096 MB from the default of 3072 MB.


And lo and behold - THAT DID IT!!!

I can now run Encore and work with Subtitle projects without any crashes.

I hope this information can be of some help to other Encore users with the same "Out of Memory" issue until Adobe fix this apparant BUG in their otherwise decent product.

Adobe, are You listening?

Thanks to all who tried to help me last weekend!

- Max

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Re: Out Of Memory/Runtime Error" - Problem solved; Kinda...
on Jul 27, 2006 at 5:24:09 am

Goodness, who could have thought of that! Glad you could solve your problem and funally complete your project.


[Pour Myl

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Re: Out Of Memory/Runtime Error" - Problem solved; Kinda...
on Sep 1, 2006 at 7:35:00 pm

Hi Max,

I have exactly the same problem as you. Unfortunately your suggestion didn't work out for me. I have a single 60 min Timeline with 13 chapters and two subtitle tracks. I imported my subtitles (txt files) and moved, splitted, deleted and extended them on the time line. I could preview everything, I checked my project and at build disk I received the message "Subtitle subpicture too complex for Encore to be encoded" or something like that. I deleted one of the subtitle tracks and then I got the General error message at the Build disc phase. My expreience was, once general error, always general error. I started the project from scratch, and as I added a slideshow, I got the general message error again. I burned my dvd with menues but I haven't been able to burn it with subtitles. I would appreciate if you can share any ideas with me.


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