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UNEXPLAINABLE Glitches, Good luck explaining this

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UNEXPLAINABLE Glitches, Good luck explaining this
on Jul 10, 2006 at 6:19:15 pm

Hey all,

Since upgrading to Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 here at work, projects in Adobe Encore 1.0 have been experiencing UNEXPLAINABLE glitches. For instance...
I am creating a demo reel containing 10 commercials. The "main page" (play first page) is a single button which links to the "commercials list page". This page has a motion menu (designed and exported as an INDEPENDANT AVI file from Premier 2.0) with music in the BG. Oddly enough, the music plays in preview mode but when the disk is burned and I watch it on a regular DVD player, the BG music is GONE. But the audio on subsequent pages and links is fine. This "main page" links to the "commercials list page", which is experiencing its own glitches. The glitch is as follows:

There are 13 buttons on this page. The first is a "play all" option. This "play all" button is linked to an AVI file that I made and exported in Adobe Premier. The file is all 10 commercials played in succession. Before each commercial is a basic black and white title with the name of the spot. In the AVI file, each title is up for 5 seconds before the spot begins. When I watch the file in Premier, or on Windows Media Player, it plays perfectly. But when I watch this AVI in preview mode, or on the final burned DVD, the black and white titles before each spot only flash up on the screen for a split second. Oddly enough, the spots themselves play fine. To summerize, the AVI file plays fine on its own as an AVI, but when I preview, transcode, and burn it to DVD, the black and white titles only flash up for a second, yet the commercials are perfect. Keep in mind that this is an INDEPENDANT AVI file that is NOT linked to Premier 2.0.

The other 12 buttons are all working fine.

Any clues on what is happening here are welcome. I guarentee someone will misunderstand what I am saying and try to give me a solution that has nothing to do with my problem, but good luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Joe Bowden
Re: UNEXPLAINABLE Glitches, Good luck explaining this
on Jul 10, 2006 at 7:31:42 pm

You're pretty sure nobody here can help you? These are "unexplainable" problems?

Before I begin explaining at least part of what's happening, a question for you- why didn't you upgrade your Encore as well? At the very least, update your 1.0 Encore to 1.0.1 (that's a free update). Encore 1.5 and 2.0 have been released as well, in the last two years. Lots of new features, and lots of bug fixes. OK, then...

Your first problem is a little tough and maybe I can't explain it yet. What were your export settings for your menu AVI? Especially the audio section. And what's your project audio setting in Encore? And what about your player settings and output? Specifically, is it PCM or Dolby Digital optical out of the DVD player. Maybe with a little more info this will be solvable.

The second problem is well known. You need to turn off "Optimize Stills" in your Export AVI settings in PPro, and re-export the AVI. This was a "lack of Premiere feature support" in earlier versions of Encore. Encore version 2.0 supports this setting from Premiere.

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