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DVD burning... audio problems and burning problems

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DVD burning... audio problems and burning problems
on Nov 5, 2005 at 6:36:47 pm


I just started using Encore this month and I'm having moderate success.

However, when I get a DVD to burn (sometimes it screws up and me thinks it's related to my problem), it works on set-top DVD players, but fails to play the audio on my computer (AMD Athlon XP 1.74 Ghz, 1.5 GB RAM, 128 MB video card, 8x AGP) and barely plays at all on my brother's computer (which is better than my computer).

Right now, I have two timelines each consisting of audio and video. Timeline one is 1;11;55;13. Timeline two is 7;55;23. I exported the video from PPRO 1.5 using VBR 7 Mbps and PCM audio. Therefore, both of my video tracks are .m2v files and my audio files are .wav.

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure if I'm setting the bitrate correctly. I checked back in older posts and they say that the maximum bitrate is 10 on a DVD disc. Right now, both of my video tracks (in Encore) are 8 Mbps and the audio is 1.5 Mbps.

The destination disc is 4.7 GB.

SO... I guess my question is: how do I ensure that I'm using the correct bitrate settings? And... how do I get the DVD to play on computers AND set top DVD players?

Thank you kindly.


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Re: DVD burning... audio problems and burning problems
on Nov 5, 2005 at 9:44:37 pm

I'm sure you are not alone with this "computer behaviors" You didn't mention the time consuming of exporting from PP and transcoding with Encore. (to me it takes 5-7 hrs upon video lenght)... and only to find out that the disc is not viewable...

I was having a similar problem and after changing the burner for a usb one, problem gone...(crossed-finger)

There are many comments about what others do; what you should do and what don't.
But there is so many alternatives; first to export," which is the correct setting?, or the ideal... why are so many "low quality and only 2 high quality to export??
Who want low quality after spending hrs & hrs to make a production??

We have to make a quest to the prog. developers... Hey you: yeah! yourself! What is the setting I have to use to...bla bla...

Ah! the tutorials... which one tell you: use this settings,,, bla bla.
No... No. Its upon to you.... ...the one best suit to you! F...k!

And we have to spent additional $$ to buy tutorials... and you have to watch them in slow motion...they have very fast pace).... others tutorials are more complicate to follow that the prog. itself.
Which one can make a tutorial very simple, well explained and with the rookie mind in mind??
WHY, WHY it takes so many hrs to make a beauty chaptered/menued DVD???

Apart of this:
But guest what?? After so many hrs/days... what is the spam life of a DVD>>> not the media but the recording on it??
Have you found that a good playing DVD is not longer wachable after a couple of months??.. It freeze or stop.. whatever.

Does a client will be able to play a DVD after 15-20 years to come???

BTW, I'm still able to watch my 18 years vhs video tapes... but I'm having problems to watch a 2 years mini DV tape...

JA! This is a technology trap!

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