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NX5U error code/vibration/malfunction and Opening up the lens

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Brad Abrahamson
NX5U error code/vibration/malfunction and Opening up the lens
on Feb 24, 2016 at 4:39:00 am

Hello all,

One of my NX5's is acting up and Im trying to figure out a solution to it. I received this camera from a rental department so its definitely had its fair share of wear and tear... 20x10 hours

The software has been updated to 4.0 and did not fix the issue.

Heres what I'm working with...

1. Long start up screen along with vibration, eventually settles, bottom corners of screen show the lens and it looks like the sensor is dropped down (I'm guessing this is the stabilizer motor messing up or something). Error code E:62:10

-It doesn't always start up this way (starts up normal the other times) but it happens frequently

1. Ive tried everything to intentionally make this problem happen by starting it with the aperture open/closed, zoom and focus ring in different positions, starting it on an angle, image stabilizer on/off. I can't seem to get it to be consistent, although it does like to start normal when turned 90 degrees towards the ceiling or the floor.

3. When it does start normal, it works great. I can mostly get it to start normal by messing with it a few times after this problem occurs.

3. The focus and zoom ring both feel like they have some type of dirt/material in them (maybe even dried liquid residue).

I am not going to send this anywhere to get fixed. It would probably cost around $500-$900 for the part or part and service and with the age of this camera it would not be cost efficient.

As of now, I am not going to take it apart like the service manual says because that would be a lot of work just to get to what I think is the affected area. Right now the camera has the left panel removed exposing the internals. Since I received this camera for minimal cost and I have another unit, I am thinking about going in through the lens (disassembling it) and cleaning out the focus/zoom ring and see how far I can get from there. Is that a really bad idea? Has anyone done something similar before? Will I damage the sensor with light? Im not scared of taking it apart via the service manual but I think I might be able to fix it if I just go in through the front carefully and reassemble it carefully.

Any insight on this would be great and extremely helpful. Thanks!

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john lenihan
Re: NX5U error code/vibration/malfunction and Opening up the lens
on Feb 24, 2016 at 2:55:13 pm


I say go for it!

I am an electrical engineer and am very comfortable opening up and repairing devices. I bought a shop manual for the NX5U myself. However, since all my cameras are needed virtually all the time, I have not dissembled one because of the risk to my income.

Since yours is an extra one, and you have the manual, then you can take your time doing it. I recommend that you videotape your work and share it with the rest of us.

Regarding your specific question. Based on your symptoms, it sounds like it is going to be a mechanical type issue as opposed to firmware.

Most likely it is going to be caused by the contaminant you talked about or a broken piece of plastic that is supposed to hold a part in place.

Since you have the shop manual, I would do it in the order the shop manual says to dissemble it.


John Lenihan

LeniCam Video Productions

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Brad Abrahamson
Re: NX5U error code/vibration/malfunction and Opening up the lens
on Feb 24, 2016 at 3:46:12 pm


I have made the executive decision to tear it down by following the manual. So far I have pulled the side off and everything looks pretty good inside. A very small amount of liquid residue at the bottom. I am very certain it is the stabilizer. The part is $600 so I am going to do my best to repair whatever is mal-functioning. Considering it will turn on and operate normally most of the time, do you think it is something that can be easily fixed? Also taking into account that you can physically feel debri in the zoom & focus ring...

Thank you for your input.


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Sherman Bahr
Re: NX5U error code/vibration/malfunction and Opening up the lens
on Jul 19, 2017 at 7:05:54 am

The E:62:10 error is a common issue that we have seen. Check out my blog article: This is an easier fix. It has to do with how the lens circuits control the lens. If you have any questions about it you could give me a call.

...Sherman 888-283-2228

Sony And Canon Prosumer Mini DV Camcorder Repair Free Estimates. 888-283-2228

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