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Sony NX30 vs NX70

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Regi Keyz
Sony NX30 vs NX70
on Sep 17, 2012 at 11:50:54 am


This is my first post, I was recommended CCow 2 years ago by several people and it was always at the back of my mind to have a gander..!

Ok, I am making a documentary on an experience I am going through. I've shot 3 initial interviews on Canon 5D's I borrowed and for day to day I have been using a GoPro + external mic to record comments/updates - now it's time for an upgrade.

I need a camera that:
1) Shoots a decent professional image & pro sound capabilities
2) Is small and portable (I often need to pop it out and record an event, quickly (so dont have much time to play with focus and settings))
3) Decent in Low Light - I mostly shoot indoors with normal light and often at dawn or late at night with minimum lights on..
4) Moving, I also often shoot outdoors , Im often moving eg running in park or swimming.. and tend to be active and can be near water or in rain.
5) I often shoot handheld (eg recording a quick interaction with myself and another person) and dont have time to set up a tripod (tho sometimes I do have time to set up tripod)

I was initialy looking at the JVC GM HM100 or the Panasonic HVX151 but the NX30 & 70 are much smaller and reviews say they shoot better in low light..
But which one?

The NX30 or NX70, they are both small and cost a similar price when new £1800 for NX30 vs £2300 for NX70

From reviews, the NX30 is smaller, had great image stablisation, ( it also has built in light for nighttime interviews)
The NX70 is a little bigger, is splash proof, and the lens I think is a bit better, hence better final image.

And my question:
ARE THESE TWO CAMERAS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME QUALITY IN TERMS OF SHOT? Is one significantly better than the other? I'm not sure if there is much difference in Low light or if NX70 has much better features..

If the image is pretty much identical , Id prob get the NX30 as cheaper and smaller. Tho if the NX70 is significantly better image or sound capabilities, Id prob go with that.

Has anyone used both these cameras that would be able to explain the difference in image/sound quality between the two?

Thank-you Kindly

P.s. The cameras are both about £400 cheaper in US.. I might as well take a holiday there and get the camera, is it just a simple matter of upgrading the firmware to convert from NTSC to PAL? I emailed Sony but they didnt reply.

Thank-you very much for reading this

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Regi Keyz
Re: Sony NX30 vs NX70
on Sep 19, 2012 at 9:36:46 pm

Anyone ?! :)

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tc Johnstone
Re: Sony NX30 vs NX70
on Oct 1, 2012 at 4:09:35 pm

I bought the NX30 after picking up the 760 for my quadrocopter. I really like the camera except for the audio issue but I don't need that for my quad.

I looked at the two and it comes down to the focus ring, eye cup and overall larger size. I will admit if I had the money I buy the bigger one as it gives you more manual control but the size of the 30 is hard to beat. just have to go into the menus to change knob settings.

I just shot a feature called with some shots on at the Olympics on the 760 and worked with Hollywood DI on the color. It blew my mind how well it projected. Amazing

If you can afford the bigger one I'd do it. If you want the size factor and don't mind the menus, 30. Hope this helps. Cheers. T.

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Chas Smith
Re: Sony NX30 vs NX70
on Oct 19, 2012 at 8:15:08 pm

Footage of preview is very good.
So was the footage in the trailer shot with the Sony HDRCX760V or the
PJ760?? But the footage was very good and taking the DI step must have been a contributing factor.


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Howie Young
Re: Sony NX30
on Dec 1, 2012 at 11:43:40 pm

Hi Regi,

Did you purchase the NX30? What are your thoughts on that camera?

I read there are some issues with the zoom rocker not being responsive. Have you had any problems zooming?

What have you shot with the camera? Would you be able to share some links of your videos?


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Gautam Pandey
Re: Sony NX30 vs NX70
on Dec 26, 2012 at 5:26:06 pm

Hi John,

Looking at the NX30 as well for my octocopter. Would love to hear how the NX30 has worked out for you.

How comparable do you feel the footage from the NX 30 is with the 5D. Just asking because I know clients will :)


Gautam Pandey

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John Fry
Re: Sony NX30 vs NX70
on Jan 14, 2013 at 11:48:37 am

Hi all,

Just to add my opinion on the NX30 & it's non-XLR block counterparts:

I am a ski cameraman & needed a new camcorder for this season after my ancient & well abused HVR-A1 finally gave up the ghost last year.

After shooting a little corporate for a friend with his little MC50 & being amazed at the optical steadyshot in that, I thought the newer version of that would be a good bet. I went for the CX730 because I don't need the XLR block of the NX30 - that's what sound men are for, and I have a Beechtek box anyway if I need those inputs. Why spend twice the cost of the CX730 on an NX30 when you can buy a Beechtek for about £200? For almost every other user there's no other advantage of the NX30 over the CX730, so I went for that, and have been amazed!

The Balanced Optical Steadyshot is simply un-staggering! Handholding the camera for a static shot or pan gives you pictures almost indistinguishable from the same using a tripod.

In motion the Steadyshot comes into it's own again, especially filming while skiing when unexpected jolts & bumps happen constantly. The footage was incredibly smooth

Here's a little test film I cut from some of our footage shot on the CX730 in Andorra last week:

John E Fry BA (hons)

UK Steadicam Operator - Lighting
Cameraman - Photographer

Steadicam Operator

Skiing Cameraman

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Chas Smith
Re: Sony NX30 vs NX70
on Jul 7, 2013 at 10:34:29 pm

Very Nice! :)

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