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Sony FS700 info

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Eli Kabillio
Sony FS700 info
on Jul 1, 2012 at 8:06:47 pm

Spent a few hours with my two new Sony FS700s today, each recording to a Pix240 and below are some observations - some specific to the Pix and others general camera info:

1. FS700, out of the box, by default, is set to output 1080 24p. No longer limited to 24pFs like FS100 over HDMI, so it plays nicely with Pix and presumably other recorders that support 24p recording.
2. Sony SDI Flag selection on Pix240 does not work to trigger recording on the Pix240 via SDI - timecode trigger works fine. Tried with both cameras on both recorders and no luck. SDI trigger still working fine with my Sony F3, so it appears to be an FS700 issue. Will try to get info from Sony to see if it's a different flag, or if there is no flag in the SDI stream.
3. Super Slow Motion recording to Pix240 is possible, via HD-SDI, but only if SDI output on FS700 is switched to 60i. The camera can still be set to record internally at 24p. It's a two step process, where camera buffers the footage, then records 8 seconds (240fps) or 16 seconds (120fps) in real time to the internal SDHC card. While recording internally, it also gives the live 8bit stream via HD-SDI to the Pix240. This does not work if the camera is set to output at any other frame rate - only 60i. Pix does the pulldown and you have the slow mo footage.

Just compared footage from the Pix and the AVCHD footage recorded internally on the SD card and the following updated slow motion info:

Because the FS700 will only send the "Super Slo Motion" footage at 60i through the SDI connection, the footage is 2.5x faster than what is recorded to the internal SDHC card in AVCHD. So recording at 240fps actually gives you 96fps on the Pix240. I was bummed to not have the full 240fps or 120fps options in ProRes on the Pix, but the up side is that you simultaneously get two files - 10x on SDHC Card as AVCHD & 4x on Pix (at 240fps) or 5x on SDHC Card & 2x on Pix (at 120fps).

120 and 240fps are the only choices at 24p for "Super Slow Motion" on the FS700, if you want to maintain 1080p recording. There are no choices in between, but the footage is beautiful. The legacy S&Q mode from the FS100 is still on the FS700. There is a menu option to allow for the S&Q button to bring up "Super Slow Motion" instead of S&Q, so it's a simple button push to get into "Super Slow Motion" mode.

I haven't run any tests with the HDMI yet, but will do so and post results soon.

Eli M. Kabillio
FCP 7.03, MacPro 8core 2.83Ghz, iMac i7 3.4Ghz 2-Promise Pegasus R6 12GB, MacBookPro DualCore 2.93Ghz
2x Sony FS700, Sony PMW-F3, Sony FS100, Sony NEX-7, Sony VG-20

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Danny Grizzle
Re: Sony FS700 info
on Aug 9, 2012 at 1:07:57 am

Thanks for this info -- any updates greatly appreciated!

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John Davidson
Re: Sony FS700 info
on Aug 12, 2012 at 1:20:54 am

Just got mine this week. I love it - and surprisingly I really like the kit 18-200mm lens. Walked right out of Samy's and shot this:

It's the camera I've always wanted and have been waiting for.

John Davidson | President / Creative Director | Magic Feather Inc.

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Varun Gathani
Re: Sony FS700 info
on Jun 26, 2013 at 6:28:55 pm

Hey Eli,
I am a new FS700 User. I had a shoot a couple a days ago. I got an Output to a monitor at 25p but the second i Switched to 50fps or any thing above in the S & Q mode it just goes Blank.
I looked it up in the manual and it says it doesnt give an output at those speeds to a monitor but doesn't give a solution.

Is it a Output Settings Issue ?!
Can it be fixed with a simple Output Settings Adjustment ?!
Is there any way i can get an output to a monitor while in the S&Q Motion mode ?! or Can i just get a signal to a external recorder and record it without being able to view it on the monitor.

Would really appreciate it if you could help me out with this. I am really new to this camera and Its not really available in my Country so not many people I can turn to for help.


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