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How do I set up the proper color on a locaiton monitor with the FS7

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Corbin Gross
How do I set up the proper color on a locaiton monitor with the FS7
on Dec 23, 2016 at 4:18:01 pm

Hey again, everybody.

So I'm trying to understand how the LUTs work with an external monitor.

So if I'm shooting in S-log, I can use one o' them LUTs to give the image in the viewfinder a more finalized look, right? And say I have a monitor for the art director or stylists to look at, and I want that one to have some correction as well, so they're not asking why the image is so flat. Does that monitor need to apply the LUT? Or does the camera do that on output?

So say I want to buy a cheap monitor, or just use a regular computer monitor with an HDMI input. Will the camera send out an adjusted image? Or does the monitor just show whatever's being recorded to the card?

Basically I'm trying to figure out if I can just use some monitor we have sitting around, or if I need to spend some real $$$ to get something usable for production.

Thanks for the help, everybody.

Corbin Gross | SANMAR
Photographer/Videographer | Marketing
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Jon Kline
Re: How do I set up the proper color on a locaiton monitor with the FS7
on Dec 24, 2016 at 5:07:51 pm

The FS7 isn't very flexible with outputting one LUT (say REC709A) and recording another (say S-Log3). I usually have either my Zacuto Gratical HD or Atomos Ninja Flame with me when I want to do that. Either of them let me toggle between the two different LUTs and waveforms, as well as let me output either of those LUTs to any other monitors down the signal chain. I have definitely used a cheap computer monitor or TV as a client monitor. Be careful, though, because you may need to change resolutions and frame rates to keep things compatible, depending on what the monitor supports.

If you don't want an all-in-one, you can get a LUT box. But since it keeps getting cheaper to add LUTs as a feature, I'd just suggest you get a personal monitor (or evf, or monitor+recorder) that can output LUTs to whatever client monitor you're using.

If you tend to push/pull your ISO, you'll need a few extra LUT configurations on output to keep everything looking good on the client monitor, but it's really an easy way to work after you get it all set up.

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Blaise Douros
Re: How do I set up the proper color on a locaiton monitor with the FS7
on Dec 27, 2016 at 8:17:54 pm

Jon's not quite steering you right. You can absolutely apply a monitor LUT (MLUT) to your SDI-outs, as well as the HDMI out, individually. However, one of them will burn the LUT into your footage--I think it's the Viewfinder one, and don't have the camera in front of me to check--so you need to be careful as to which outputs the MLUT is applied. You also can't apply different LUTs to different ouputs; you select a LUT, and then turn it on or off for each output.

This is pretty basic stuff with FS7--I highly recommend that you check out Alister Chapman's many, many forum posts, as well as his (paid) guide to the FS7. He's got his own views as to the best workflow, but it's well worth it to get a solid introduction to the FS7.

I also recommend making a cup of tea, snuggling up by the fire, and reading that manual cover to cover. This, plus your previous post, suggests that you're trying to just figure this stuff out on the fly, and you shouldn't. The FS7 is a stunningly versatile little camera, but only if you know how to use it...and I don't recommend learning how on the day of the shoot!

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