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PMW-EX3 vs. NEX-FS700UK vs. PMW-200 vs. PMW-320K (or somthing else?)

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Ben Muehleisen
PMW-EX3 vs. NEX-FS700UK vs. PMW-200 vs. PMW-320K (or somthing else?)
on May 8, 2013 at 3:54:48 pm

We are currently building out some new camera packages. We have been using 2 EX1s for about 3.5 years now, and they have been tremendous for us. True workhorses. We are now in the process of upgrading our camera systems and want to end up with 4 total ENG packages. I have several questions.

The first is the camera for our two new ENG cameras. We are also adding a 4K camera package (RED Epic, ARRI Alexa, or Sony F55 or something similar), so having 4K is not of the utmost importance in this camera. We would like each camera to stay under 10K, and being really familiar with Sony, that is an obvious bias, but if there are better options out there I'd love to here them.

Basically we just need to upgrade from the EX1. The "successor" to the EX1R is apparently the PMW-200, but for a little more, we can get an EX3 or the 320K. The FS700 adds some super cool features, but I've heard the support and updates are not coming along as promised and expected. Does anyone have experience with any or all of these cameras? Have another camera you would recommend?

The other half of the question is what else do I need to build out a full ENG package? Here is my general plan / buylist.

Tripod: Miller SOLO DV20 package from B&H

Porta-Brace cover and case

We have used the Senheiser G3 wireless system, which we have been happy with and will buy more for the new kits.

I have also used the Audio-Technica 4053b as an interview stick mic, but I don't know I need one in every camera package, thoughts on this?

We have not used on camera lighting, but would like to add that to the package. I'm not sure that any of the cameras we are looking at include a standard plug in for most of the lights I have found, but would love to hear some recommendations.

Obviously extra batteries and SxS cards.

What else would you add for a 1 man run & gun setup?

I'll be happy to answer any questions that would help giving an answer.

Sony EX-1
Canon 5d MKII


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Eric C. Petrie
Re: PMW-EX3 vs. NEX-FS700UK vs. PMW-200 vs. PMW-320K (or somthing else?)
on Jun 5, 2013 at 8:09:08 pm

I definitely have experience with all the cameras you listed. The great thing is that all of these cameras have unique strengths. I'm not so sure i would invest in an EX3 right now. The camera is fairly old and the PMW-300 (the replacement) was shown behind closed doors at NAB. Sony's starting to move (slowly) away from the 35mbps 4:2:0 and instead offering more cameras that are 50mbps 4:2:2, the PMW-300 is expected to have that.

The PMW-200 would be a nice logical move from the EX1. It wouldn't be much of a change at all. So if you're looking for more of the same i'd go that direction.

The PMW320 is, of course, a large shoulder mount camera. The advantages here are the super stable ENG form factor for long no-tripod shoots, and the ENG lenses. Now you've got the option of getting very nice Fujinon or Canon power zoom lenses that can be incredibly versatile and very high quality. But its a big heavy camera. And it too is a little older.

Lastly you mentioned the F700. This is en entirely different beast. This camera is designed for cinema-style shooting, basically the complete opposite of the 320. There really isn't any such thing as a 18x zoom lens for this kind of camera because of the large image sensor size. It's designed to use fixed or very short zoom cine or photo lenses. Instead of having 1 ENG lens cover everything you'll likely be working with a bag of 6 lenses. Also the shallow DOF looks great, but presents challenges focusing in run-and-gun scenarios.
Right now we are offering the F700 with a FREE Metabones adapter that allows you to use Canon EOS lense with full electronic control. It's a great deal.

Contact me if you want any other info.
Eric C. Petrie @ Pro Video 888-661-7451, Tax-Free Portland Oregon

25 years of Digital cinema equipment sales, Tax-free Portland OR, 888-661-7451

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Milo Sumner
Re: PMW-EX3 vs. NEX-FS700UK vs. PMW-200 vs. PMW-320K (or somthing else?)
on Oct 25, 2013 at 1:42:35 pm


my organisation has been using an EX-3 for several years. It's been used around the world and in general all results have been great and it's proved itself a handy and concise bit of kit. The time has come however, to move on and we are considering Sony's FS-700.
My question is this: What are the pros and cons of the FS-700 compared to the EX-3 in terms of ease of use in diverse environments (e.g. At sea, in the jungle, etc). Does it lend itself to shooting on the go?
The main benefit of the FS-700 is its cinematic quality compared to the EX-3, but will we have to find endless attachments in order for it to be fit to send out with a one-man crew?

Please don't hesitate to ask if any questions need clarifying.


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