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Sony PMW F3 slow motion

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David Council
Sony PMW F3 slow motion
on Feb 14, 2013 at 1:28:53 pm

Hello all.

Please bear with me if my enquiry is a little basic.

I own a Sony PMW F3 with firmware 1.4

I would like to know if there is any way of recording full frame slow motion (i.e. 50fps 1920x1080) onto an external recorder.

My proposed method is:

i) Upgrade the firmware using CBK-RGB 01

ii) Record 1080/50p, at 50 fps with the appropriate offboard recorder (SRR1 or similar).

iii) Use captured footage in 25p timeline for 2x slow motion.

Does this logic hold true or am I missing something?

Thanks very much for your help.


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Ian Cook
Re: Sony PMW F3 slow motion
on Feb 14, 2013 at 6:05:24 pm

Yes, from what I understand you are trying to do, this is possible, the F3 can do Synchro recording at selected frame rates when mated with the SRR1

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David Council
Re: Sony PMW F3 slow motion
on Feb 14, 2013 at 6:12:10 pm

Thanks for your reply Ian.

Put simply, I want to record overcranked footage (50fps) from my F3 at 1920x1080

It seems to be possible (both on the SRR1, and Gemini), but it would be very useful to speak to someone who has real world experience of doing this.


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Michael Palmer
Re: Sony PMW F3 slow motion
on Feb 14, 2013 at 9:41:37 pm

Here is a brilliantly detailed instructions from Dan Keaton I saved from the CML forum.
I hope it helps, as I have the F3 and S-log key but haven't gone down the RGB444 road as yet.

Regarding Recording 1080p59.94 on the Sony F3 with the Gemini 4:4:4:

I am very sorry that you are having problems recording 1080p60 (or 59.94)
with the Sony F3 + Gemini 4:4:4.

It is certainly possible to record 1080p59.94, and it is possible to record
in S-Log while recording 1080p59.94.

One trick is that the camera must be set to 1080i59.94, as there is no
1080p59.94 setting on the camera.

And the second trick is to ensure that you use the top A & B HD-SDI outputs
(using both as the output is Dual Link).

You may choose S-Log in the F3 menu if you want.

On the Gemini 4:4:4, please use our latest firmware 1.4.101, but other
firmware versions will work.

If using 1.4.101, please set the Setup|Mode to DPX.

Earlier firmware versions did not have the Setup menu,
but one was able to configure the Gemini 4:4:4 to record in DPX mode.

Just ensure that you are not recording in ARRIRAW or Canon Raw modes.

This may be the issue, as if your Gemini 4:4:4 is setup for recording RAW,
but you are not providing it appropriate RAW signals,
the recordings will be as you describe.

Please use good HD-SDI cables, the ones that we provide with the
Gemini 4:4:4 are very thin, flexible, but most importantly,
individually tested to work well at HD-SDI 3G.

Here are some details:

Sony PWM-F3 – S-Log Setup (For 1080p59.94 in S-Log recording).

Set your F3 to record in S-Log, in 1080i59.94 (in Sony terms 1920/59.94i).

Here are the recommended Sony F3 menu items to set:

Set Others|System|Country| to NTSC Area (or set to PAL Area if desired)

Set Others|System|HD/SD to HD

Set Others|System|Video Format to HQ 1920/59.94i

Set Video Set|Dual-Link & Gamma Select to 1.5G YPbPr422 & S-Log

Note: the F3 outputs 1080p60, via the A & B HD-SDI ports in 4:2:2 YPbPr mode
not RGB 4:4:4.

The Gemini 4:4:4 converts this to RGB 4:4:4 for recording
into the industry standard DPX file format
which requires it to be in RGB and 4:4:4.

This is a very sophisticated 4:2:2 to 4:4:4 conversion.

Set Video Set|SDI/HDMI/i.LINK I/O Select to HD-SDI

Set Video Set|SDI/HDMI Out Display to Off
(This Prevents viewfinder data from being recorded.)

Set Video Set|23.98P Output| to 23.98PsF
(But this is ignored for 1080/59.94i)

Set Video Set|SDI Rec Control to HD SDI Remote I/F
(This enables the record button to start/stop the Gemini 4:4:4)

Set LCD/VF Set|Marker|Center Mark On
(This works in conjunction with the Brightness Display setting.)

Set LCD/VF|Display On/Off| Brightness Display to On
(Optional, but is a useful tool for setting exposure
as it shows the IRE % for the center of the image.)

Set LCD/VF|Display On/Off|Histogram Display to On
(Optional, but is a useful tool to check exposure.)

Set TC/UB SET|Timecode|Mode to Clock
(Optional, but timecode should be generated for Post).

Connect HD-SDI Cables from the Sony F3 A & B Outputs
to the Gemini 4:4:4 A & B Inputs.3. Gemini 4:4:4 Setup

Inputs|Timecode|Source to SDI
Record|Trigger to Camera
Record|Clip to a Clip Name of your choice
RAW|ARRI|Off or SETUP|MODE|DPX (Later Firmware Versions)

Press Next Take to display the next take

Insert at two Convergent Design SSD's into the Gemini 4:4:4.

Format both SSD (provided no important footage is on the SSD's).

With the Gemini 4:4:4 powered on, it should report 1080p59.94 4:4:4
in the Input Status area at the bottom of the LCD/Monitor.

You may set the Gemini 4:4:4 to display Rec. 709, if you wish or you may
monitor in the native S-Log.

You may press the “^” near the bottom right of the image on your Gemini
then press “Apply LUT” to enable the Sony S-Log to Rec. 709 LUT
built into the Gemini 4:4:4.

The footage will still be recorded in native S-Log, provided you have S-Log
enabled on the camera.

Exposure Recommendations:

(Please use your own procedure to set the exposure if you wish.)
I am just offering this technique as I learned this from Alister Chapman and
it works great for me.Set Exposure to 38% using an 18% Gray Card.

In order to record properly exposed S-Log Footage,
enable the Center Exposure Meter in the Sony F3.

Then, after your lighting is set, we recommend that you use an 18% gray
card, held in position where the main subject will be. Then, using the
Center Exposure meter, adjust the lens aperture (using ND filters if
necessary) to get a reading of 38%. (This is two stops underexposed if this
was regular footage and not S-Log. This allows the S-Log footage to have a
higher dynamic range).

Dan M. Keaton
Director of Sales and Marketing
Convergent Design
North Augusta, SC USA

Good Luck
Michael Palmer

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Ian Cook
Re: Sony PMW F3 slow motion
on Feb 14, 2013 at 9:59:48 pm

Setup for the SR-R1 slaved to the F3 (outputting 1080/60p) and doing 'Select FPS' overcrank recording between 24-60fps would look something like this:

Make the following settings on the F3:

Camera Set --> S+Q ON format = 1280 x 720, 2398 (dual link output will be 1080)
Video Set-->Dual Link and Gamma Output = 1.5 G YPbPr 422 + Video
Video Set-->SDI Rec Control = SYNCHRO

Click the S+Q dial do change the fps.

On the SRR1:

System-->System Format-->

-FRAME = 23.98
-SIGNAL = 422

System-->Others-->Rec Trigger = SYNCHRO (playable)

You need to be at SRR1 1.5 or higher for the above settings to be available. If you are updating from 1.0 or 1.01, go to 1.5 first, then 2.10. If you are above 1.01, go directly to 2.10.

The previous poster is correct in that in certain configurations the F3 will output 1080/59.94p even though this is not selectable in the menus. See the manual supplement which lists all possible output options/combinations..

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David Council
Re: Sony PMW F3 slow motion
on Feb 14, 2013 at 11:02:20 pm


Thanks both for your learned responses.

I have a prep day on Tuesday before a shoot on Wednesday and your advice will be invaluable.

I'll post if there's anything I can add...



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David Council
Re: Sony PMW F3 slow motion
on Feb 15, 2013 at 8:26:17 pm

Here's the information I was given by Sony today.

"As discussed I send you a short summery of your query after I had a look at it again.

The PMW-F3 has a HD-SDI Dual-link output which delivers a 4:2:2 1080 50/59P signal. In order to achieve this, the firmware on the camera needs to be 1.3 or higher (Latest version is 1.45). In the VIDEO SET menu, the ‘Dual-link & Gamma Select’ must be set to ON (1.5 YPbPr422 &Video). The dual-link signal will then always be 4:2:2 1080 50P. Even if the camera is set to record for example 720 50i. You do not need the S-Log upgrade for this.

I hope this helps."

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Ian Cook
Re: Sony PMW F3 slow motion
on Feb 15, 2013 at 8:31:19 pm

That is correct.

Again, please look at the manual supplement-- it covers all of the output configurations and explains very clearly that even without the RGB option you can get 60p from the dual link.

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