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NX5 vs EX1r - Nightclub / events shooting, possible making a fly on wall doc?

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Steve Mullins
NX5 vs EX1r - Nightclub / events shooting, possible making a fly on wall doc?
on Mar 1, 2012 at 8:11:17 pm

I currently use a Z1 for mostly event videography, largely in nightclubs.
The low light of the Z1 is just about above average (if gain is set to 18db - so too grainy for TV, but with encoding to mpg4, the grain tends to get smoothed out so not that bad for the web). I know a few nightclub shooters who drop the shutter to 1/25 but this leads to a slight stop motion look.

I want a new cam thats great in low light, can be used handheld for approx 4-6 hours on / off (collecting approx 1-2 hours of footage), this includes top light and wireless camera mic receiver attached (adds 500-700grams) flexible with auto focus / exposure as sometimes, its easier to put in auto if doing fast movement on the dancfloor etc..Id also like something that gives great hd image quality - the z1 is just too 'crummy' bless its hdv cotton socks.

Ive used the nx5 before for a fitness dvd shoot and some beach / nightclub shooting (though havent watched the footage back). I do have a soft spot for this cam, the 128gb module means you dont really have to worry about running out of sd cards or tapes in case of z1 set up.


Both great in low light - EX1R is better

Handheld - EX1r is heavier - but can this be overcome by using left hand for support, resting cam near head, i sometimes even rest the z1 on my shoulder.
EX1r - Shoulder mount - Is there a mount that is good for crowded events? ie one that folds up, I find i have the camera pointing up to avoid getting lens damage and hitting anyone when moving around not filming.
NX5 - about the same as the z1, little bit bigger, heavier but very similar and I can negate the shoulder rig.

Rolling shutter - il film alot of strobes / flashing lights so id imagine the NX5 is better due to the smaller sensors? Or are the EX1rs half inch super quick?

Recording media

NX5 wins but at a cost of heavily compressed avchd? Would 24mbs of a well lit environment be good enough for TV ? The BBC require a min of 35mbps. Ive been speaking to a freind about making a fly on the wall doc, so theres spoke the cam would be used to film for TV.

The ex1r can take 32gb SDHC cards recording 2hours? of footage at 35mbps.
The ex1r doesnt dual record to memory sticks, unlike the nx5 which can back up to a second sd card or the flash module. How reliable is sd recording on the EX1r? using the mxm adapter of course (not the sxs ones)

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Ron Pestes
Re: NX5 vs EX1r - Nightclub / events shooting, possible making a fly on wall doc?
on Mar 2, 2012 at 3:17:13 am

I have used both cameras and own an EX-3. The EX-1 wins in my opinion because it is much better in low light with less noise and a smoother shadow detail. It also has focus stops instead of spinning the focus ring forever like the NX5. Also has a better zoom control and manual controls. No contest for me.
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David Wheeler
Re: NX5 vs EX1r - Nightclub / events shooting, possible making a fly on wall doc?
on Mar 2, 2012 at 3:49:12 am

You can record 110 minutes of 35Mbps full raster (1920x1080) progressive footage on one 32GB card, so you will need an additional SXS card or SDHC card in the second slot to record for two uninterupted hours. I have had no problems with 16GB class 10 SDHC cards and a M&R adapter on my EX1R cameras but I prefer to use the 32GB SXS-1 cards for critical client stuff. The EX1R is not well suited to a lot of run-and-gun hand held stuff without a camera bracket. I have a Redrock Micro 15mm rod system with a couple of pistol grips and a shoulder pad that works well.

David Wheeler
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