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Transferring from SBS to EXCam Disc

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steve leary
Transferring from SBS to EXCam Disc
on Apr 1, 2011 at 3:54:31 pm

I shoot on sony EX3 using 32G SBS cards.
I have a Sony PD-U1 drive with XDCam discs.
I'm trying to utilize all the space of a 50G disc.
I put the SBS card in a Sonnet Card Reader.
I put a blank disc in the U1.
I format the disc.
I create a folder on the disc in the "User Data" folder with the card name.
I drag the BPAV folder from the SBS Card to the folder I just created.
Media gets transferred.
All is good. I check to make sure with XDCam Transfer Utility.

Now - here's where my problem is.

I've now only used 30G of space on the disc and still have roughly 14-16G of space still available.

How do I go about putting a partial card of SBS footage onto the same disc?

I've tried creating a new folder in the "User Data" folder with the next card name, creating another BPAV folder, copying CUEUP, MEDIA PRO and TAKR into the new BPAV folder. Creating a new CLPR folder.

I then highlight a portion of clips from the SBS card (Command-Apple-I to check how much space) that will fit onto the XDCam disc.

Everything seems to go just fine but when I look at the disc in XDCam Transfer to ensure everything is there, I get a warning saying "Error: Exception opening XDCam EX File" and it goes on to list the files portion of files that didn't get transferred. I also got a "No Codec" warning on another Disc that I had tried to transfer SBS stuff to the same way.

Any ideas as to how I can best utilize the 50G XDcam disc by putting partial cards on it?

I hope I was clear enough and thanks in advance for your help!

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Clint Fleckenstein
Re: Transferring from SBS to EXCam Disc
on Apr 18, 2011 at 7:00:37 pm

You really do NOT want to go rooting around in that BPAV folder.

I don't work with XDCAM gear anymore, since I changed jobs a few weeks ago (that why my posting has been light! :) Hopefully I can get this new place migrated over) When I did we burned to XDCAM disc for archiving. Here's how I handled a situation like yours, and it may or may not work for you:

- Combine all footage from large shoots into one BPAV folder
- Use the "Split/Combine Folders" function in Clip Browser to split the footage into 20GB folders by selecting "Arbitrary Size" and entering 20GB. 23 GB discs allow 20GB of UserData.
- Burn the resulting folders to XDCAM Disc.

The reason we used 23GB discs instead of 50s is that the price of the 50s was well more than twice the cost of 23s. The size of the 23GB discs tended to fit our projects better anyway.

One caveat about this method is that "Split Folders" does NOT keep your clips in order. It does the best job it can to calculate the combinations of clips that will best fill out a folder of the target size you give it.

In our case, this was just fine for making a backup archive of our footage. We did not use the BPAV folders to organize our clips; rather, we did that once footage was rewrapped to Quicktime and transferred to an edit system. Many might have a problem with this, again it's a matter of what works well for your workflow and your facility. In our case it worked well.

I hope this is helpful.


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