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aerials with 2 ex3s

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David Gallessich
aerials with 2 ex3s
on Jul 15, 2010 at 5:01:58 pm

Hey cinealta gurus!

I'm planning for aerials: 2 ex3s in a small plane for 2 hours.
Trying to maximize the opportunity, gathering several scenic spots for later use.

This is pure landscape b-roll. Bright Sun is almost 100% guaranteed.
Bright bright bright, with big contrast -
Mountains with dark forest and small amount of snow, also desert with scrub -
and 2 big lakes: Crater and Klamath.
Crater is a crazy bright blue color. Klamath is much darker, more normal)

I only have 2 small 8Gb SxS (28minutes each w/o overcranking) plus
several 32G class6 chips with hoodman sleeves that have been very reliable, no nanos
No gyro -I'm looking into a way to hang a bungee in the plane :)

Trying to have a 'bracketing' effect here by bringing the second camera
to provide an alternative look. So it's a small experiment.

Output will be broadcast, cable, web. SD + HD.

Main questions are around

1. Detail Settings/PP
2. 720 v 1080 / progressive v interlace.
----Pretty sure I want 720p60, but then there's that 2nd camera...
3. overcranking to help soften bumps, stretching the smooth moments ?
----It seems possible to get much of the main footage in 28min
at full overcrank, with the two SxS on one camera.
IF I pause and switch at correct moments, using 32Gb SDHC in slot B in between for less critical moments, I could get more footage (seems like a lot to keep straight - I'd have to switchout the SxS in slot A after 14min and adjust overcrank each time I switched slots from SxS to SDHC and back...)
In this scenario, I would keep the other ex3 wider, steadier and using one 32g chip for the entire flight.

If we get a really smooth ride, we might take some of this and speed it up. (For this I'd expect camera-2's normal-crank footage to prevail because it's one take, and closer to final output rate.)

Any advice appreciated.


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Will Salley
Re: aerials with 2 ex3s
on Jul 15, 2010 at 7:55:19 pm

In my opinion, your first consideration should be using a polarizer. That much "air" and sky will need it. Aerial shots can get really hazy, at least here in the southeast. In the desert west it's much less of an issue. Shoot wide and fly low and slow for best results.

Then I would be find out a way to steady the camera. Small planes are going to be very choppy (think a small boat in ocean swells). Using a bungee is going to help with the vibration but will probably make it impossible to hold a steady shot if there is any turbulence. If you can keep the weight down on the EX-3, a bungee might be of help. I've tried it with heavier cameras and they just bounced too much.

Media cards - can you rent or borrow more? It sounds like you're inviting trouble by using the two cards. SxS is more reliable and can be overcranked, but so can class10 SDHC (with fimware update). I'm just not sure I would trust the SDHC overcranking completely. I think your plan to overcrank is a good one however, and you can get some nice footage. I do think 1080/30p would give the best image quality but it really depends on your intended use.

Good luck...and don't forget to strap the camera to the seat!

Mac Pro 2x2.8 Quadcore - 10.6.3 - QT 7.6.3 - 22 GB RAM - nvidia8800GT - SATA internal & external storage - Blackmagic Multibridge Pro - Open GL 1.5.10 - Wacom Intous2 tablet - AJA io
SONY XDCAM EX3 - Letus Elite - FC7.0.2 - CS4 Prod Prem.

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David Ruf
Re: aerials with 2 ex3s
on Nov 2, 2010 at 6:24:46 pm

Mr. Gallessich, I am german documentary film maker trying to get in contact through this board. Please write back if you know a man called Wam Kat. Thanks, david ruf

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David Gallessich
Re: aerials with 2 ex3s
on Nov 8, 2010 at 8:27:58 pm

to David Ruf -
I'm out of town travelling at the moment -
not seeing my email regularly until Nov 20.
You may contact me via dg(at)
Yes I have footage of Wam but it is on very old betaSP tape.

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