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Ir pollution solution found

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Tim Maloney
Ir pollution solution found
on Feb 16, 2010 at 6:24:34 am

Hi all,

just completed a shoot under daylight and Hmi lighting using the schneider ir corrector mirror.

Results look good. Filter out front others behind, the extra nd( nd3 ) helped with dof.

Only thing is one tray in the matte box
is occupied and now I\'ve found a tiffen ir corrector that screws in and I can just leave it there!!!

What\'s the difference in method and
outcome? The tiffen is about a third of the price of a 5.65 x 5.65 ir corrector from schneider that I would need to avoid shooting the filter frame.

The tiffen makes sense as is can reside there forever!

Opinions please


Tim Maloney
Managing Director
Axis Films Melbourne Australia

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Don Greening
Re: Ir pollution solution found
on Feb 16, 2010 at 3:24:28 pm

[Tim Maloney] "The tiffen makes sense as is can reside there forever! "

Although I'm still waiting for the two Tiffen T1 filters I ordered I can report from others that leaving the T1 on all the time is not recommended. Users are reporting a myriad of problems depending on what your subject matter is and what your lighting conditions are.

Some of the issues are:

  • green caste to some of the colours in the picture
  • light loss is around half a stop
  • some users are reporting a general "muddy" look to the picture
  • If you get lens flare there's a good chance it will have green in it

To summarize, the T1 affects other colours than black differently depending on light source. The recommendation seems to be leave the filter off unless you have a significant amount of dark clothing in your shot, and then only if the lighting causes the clothing to turn dark red or brown.

- Don

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ronn kilby
Re: Ir pollution solution found
on Feb 16, 2010 at 3:55:27 pm

I use the tiffen, but only when I have to - I do not leave it on. Works great. Have not noticed any color artifacts as mentioned, but it only makes sense to keep the number of air-glass surfaces to a minimum for sharpness. Aside: I actually left it off intentionally once because the "brown" black helped separate the subject from the black background when I didn't have a backlight. Go figure.

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