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Focus ring has no effect when fully zoomed out

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kyle powers
Focus ring has no effect when fully zoomed out
on Nov 7, 2009 at 8:14:14 pm

Sorry for the the repost on the same issue.

This is my first serious camcorder (EX3) so I'm not sure what the expect performance wise. My issue is that unless I am more than 25% zoomed in the focus ring has no impact on focus. ( can't take subject in and out of focus)One of my tests has my subject 36" away (wine bottle). At 25% zoomed in turning the focus ring results in barely perceptible changes in focus. It is only until I am more than 50-60% zoomed in does the focus ring seem to have any significant effect. Just to make sure I am not just being completely stupid here I went down to a local video store and tested a Pano PD170 and found that I could take a subject in and out of focus easily when zoomed fully out. I also tested a sony Z7 the focus ring was less effective when zoomed fully out but I was still able to take my subject in and out of focus.

Everything is in full manual (ring, switch,) macro and focus assist off and full auto button not activated. I took it to the Sony service station. They kept it for a month and told me they were going to replace the lense. When I got it back the focus issue was he same as before. At this point I'm not sure they did in fact change out the lense. They also mangaged to scratch the hell out of the underside of my camera but that's another discussion :(

Another Sony tech told me over the phone that I should be able to take a subject in and out of focus when fully zoomed out. For my test I was focussing on the 26 or so pt font on the wine bottle label at 36". for my test I had my cam connected via component to my 52" flat screen. Regarless of how far away my subject is the focus ring has no perceptible effect unless zoomed in at least 25%.

I have run the back focus adjust multiple times. It appears that when the FB adjust gets to the point where the lense is fully zoomed out it does go from out of focus to in focus on my test pattern.

I put it in full auto and when zoomed fully out it doesn't really look in focus. Of course its hard to tell as the focus ring has no effect. Are you folks able to take a subject in and out of focus fully zoomed out?

Sorry for the long post but I am unsure if my Camera has an issue or this is normal behavior for the EX3.

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olof ekbergh
Re: Focus ring has no effect when fully zoomed out
on Nov 7, 2009 at 10:13:06 pm

The EX3 has a pretty wide lens so if you are not monitoring on a HD monitor it will be hard to tell if it is out of focus especially if you stop down to f8 or so.

The only way to really find out is a proper HD monitor. Or transfer the footage to a computer and view at full res.

Make sure iris is wide open for these tests set iris, gain and shutter speed manually. And make triple sure you are in manual mode.

Also does your lens hold focus zoomed all the way in when panning camera to different objects at different distances? If not you are not in full manual or the camera is malfunctioning by not staying in full manual.

Olof Ekbergh

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