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Help Lost Clips on EX3 SxS card...

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Darren Vallence
Help Lost Clips on EX3 SxS card...
on Mar 15, 2009 at 8:10:13 pm

Well this is pretty serious then. I have just come back from filming a wedding, 2 camera shoot. I have 4 x 16gb cards and 4 x 8gb cards, a ex1 and a ex3.

On occasions I have had to restore media, it tells me to do so, I do and all is good.

I filmed the wedding yesterday and was backing up the chips onto the 2 hard drives as usual. Chip 1 of 16gb, good, next chip 2 well it said must restore media, I thought no worries will do, BUT it does not come up with the execute option to do so, it just says I have to do it.

So it just sits there telling me, but I cannot do it. Just a small icon of the sxs card on the VF and says restore media.
Anyway I put it to thumb nail, and it says “ Media Error, Media A needs to be restored”
But it will not let me do it.

I put it in the ex1 with the old firmware and it does show the clips in player mode.
It shows all the clips there and every now and then it shows a black picon, maybe 6 or 7 of them randomly placed for thumb nails
When I cursor to them they say duration is none and file format
Of this clip is 1080i 60i.

I film in 50i like the rest of the pal guys. I can’t select the clip either. It says it has no duration
And is the wrong format. When the player trys to play the previous clip then rolls on to the bad clip it says can’t play media must be restored.

Because the ex1 can see the clips and the ex3 which it was shot on doesn’t want to I had to go and copy clip by clip all the shots off the chip to another missing out the 7 random black clips.
Lucky enough the service was on chip 1 and I have really only really missed the 5 minute first dance clip which could be serious but I had 2 cameras on that so I have it.

This is really really bad news and has knocked my ex3 experience and confidence for the future. I still have all the clips on the chip including the black 1080 60i no duration clips, can anyone give me any advice or tips on what to do, what could it of been and can I see those black clips somehow?
If this was a corporate video on a 1 camera shoot, this would send my business down the drain.
Even a wedding video if it went service bad I would have to give all the money back and loose reputation. I never had this problem with tape. Everybody please help.

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Don Greening
Re: Help Lost Clips on EX3 SxS card...
on Mar 16, 2009 at 5:23:12 am

Hi Darren,

No XDCAM EX user likes to hear about a fellow user having trouble with missing or unretrievable files on an SxS Pro memory card. Personally, I've never had a video clip go missing or ever had even a corrupt frame of video. I guess I've just been very lucky so far.

Having said that there are some things you can try to retrieve your missing clips, some of which can be found in this past thread:

- Don

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