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720 25P & 50P differences when over cranking

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Toby Heslop
720 25P & 50P differences when over cranking
on Feb 10, 2009 at 10:58:23 am

I lost in what some differences are betwenen these 2 formats so i will explain what I understand so far and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

So far I have just bought into an EX1 and had a few shoot jobs for broadcast TV action sports programming where we have wanted to do some overcranking the achieve good slo mos. We have shot all our main vision on 1080 50i and also done some slo mo shots but I have noticed that different camera ops I have had shooting for me have done the slo mo in different ways. So I will explain.....

I was doing my slo mo work by choosing the 720 50P format and turning on the S&Q mode and overcranking the frame rate to 45fps, this seemed to work fine for me and I was able to put this footage in FCP on the timeline and if I slowed it down by 50% I achieved a smooth slo mo effect with the vision.

But the other camera op I had shooting did the slo mo vision by setting the camera to 720 25P and then using the S&Q mode to up the frame rate to 45 or more.

I haven't played with his footage in fcp much yet but I think that on the timeline it plays back at the slo mo rate already.

Not much of a problem I can see just yet, but I do have 2 different settings, which would be better if they were just 1, so my first question would be , which way should I be working, my way or the other guys?

and now that we have passed those details the next issue that I have is that I am also passing all my footage on to an AVID media composer suite which will be editing into a different program also. So I took all the footage and exported it to MXF for NLE, I did read up on how to do this and made sure everything was ok except testing slo mo stuff. So the AVID editor received all my footage and said all my footage came into his suite ok apart from the slo mo files. I'm unable to determine as of yet if his problem is just with the footage that was shot at 720 50P, or whether it was a problem with all the footage that was shot at 720 50P and 25P overcranked.

So reason why I'm posting here is that I'm am lost as to how to go about shooting slo mo the correct way, and what the difference is between 50P and 25P, as turning on the S&Q mode allows me to select a frame rate anyways. I have read the EX1 manuel but it does not explain the difference between the 2 formats.

I am technically minded and understand the inner workings of HD formats, just that I have come from using a Z1P or Digi Beta for the last 5 years and moved over to these new cameras that now allow more options and I need to get to grips with an undestanding for the new formats and experience in the field with them.

hopefully someone can explain the differences to me with 50 & 25P and S&Q modes.


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