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Accessing MXF Files

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Derek Hader
Accessing MXF Files
on Jan 28, 2009 at 12:18:00 am


I'm not fluent with this but, here's my best explanation. I have a PDW-F350. Typically to load my MXF files using my PDW-U1 onto my PC (XP) for use in PPro CS3, I could do 1 of 2 things. 1 - Copy and drag the MXF clips from My ComputerXDCAMClipC0001.mxf (or something similar) to my storage drive. 2 - It usually worked using the PDZ-1 application.

I had to recently reinstall everything on my PC. I've downloaded the firmware and drivers (includining PDW-U1 Version 2.10) etc, I thought i had downloaded before to make all this work. I have PDZ-1 installed. But not PDZ-1 does not recogize the Disk, and when i try the drag and drop method, the folder stucture on the disk now is much different.

Whereas before I would go: My ComputerXDCAMClipC0001.mxf
Now it seems: My ComputerPROAVCLPRC0001....mxf

But now, instead of all my MXF files being in one directory, each clip is separated into its own folder, and there are 6 MXF files... 4 audio track MXF files, 1 video track MXF, and the low-res (proxie?) MXF file that contains both V+A. Also, it doesn't work now to import them into Premier.

At first I thought I had accidently changed a setting on the camera to produce separate video and audio files. But I've checked old disks that i know imported properly in past, and ruled out camera settings.

so i guess i must have the wrong software/firmware/driver(s)???

Help and advice greatly appreciated!


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Robert Dexter
Re: Accessing MXF Files
on Jan 29, 2009 at 9:24:16 am

It sounds like you may be just missing the XDCAM Drive Software that makes the PDW-U1 look just like one of the decks or camcorders (i.e. /Clip/C0001.MXF, etc. rather than /PROAV/CLPR/C0001/C0001V01.MXF, etc.).

Try e.g.

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Derek Hader
Re: Accessing MXF Files
on Jan 29, 2009 at 5:25:55 pm

Thanks, but I've gone thru-out that site and downloaded and tried everything there i could think of, but nothing so far has worked.

I've tested my pdw-u1 on another computer here and this is the folder structure i see:

G:ClipC0001.mxf ; C0001m01.xml ; C0002.mxf ; etc, ect
G:Edit(empty folder)
G:General(empty folder)
G:SubC0001s01.mxf ; etc, etc
(hidden folder)G:PROAVCLPRC0001C0001A01.mxf;C0001A02.mxf; and other files for each track in C0001. then theres a folder for each clip (G:PROAVCLPRC0002,3,4,5,etc, etc)
G:PROAVEDTR (empty folder)

This folder heirarchy works for me. I take the MXF files from G:Clip and import them directly in premier audio and video together in 1 file, and have no problems.

On my computer where I'm having the problems, this is my folder structure:

G:General(empty folder)
G:PROAVCLPRC0001C0001A01.mxf;C0001A02.mxf; and other files for each track in C0001. then theres a folder for each clip(G:PROAVCLPRC0002,3,4,5,etc, etc)
G:PROAVEDTR (empty folder)

In the add/remove programs option in my control panel, I've figured out which versions are installed on the working computer:
- Sony XDCAM Drive Software V
- Sony XDCAM Viewer V 2.11.0139
- ProDisc V 2.040
- PDZ-1 V 2.23.00

I've successfully downloaded and installed newer versions of all 4 of these on my computer, but to no avail. I've tried to locate the exact same versions to try to re-create the properly working conditions, but cannot find them online anymore.

If you don't know, can you please tell me what works for you if u have a similar set-up.

Thanks again,


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