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Problems with stock 14X Fuji lens on EX3

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olof ekbergh
Problems with stock 14X Fuji lens on EX3
on Oct 1, 2008 at 6:03:21 pm

At first I thought it was just to much coffee.

A jitter at the start and end of slow zooms.

Then it got worse and even using shot transition, it jerks on smooth setting.

I also can't use the handle zoom on slow with lower than 12 setting, it jitters on 12 and 13 and below it does not move. It is as if the servo motor just cant run slow. And it is getting worse.

I just called my dealer he will talk to Sony and Fujinon.

Hopefully Sony will just send a new or loaner while this one is being repaired.

We are looking into getting the 8X wide Fuji if available, I was going to get that anyway. And that would leave me with a lens while this one is out for repair.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I will keep this forum updated on how this is solved by Sony.

Olof Ekbergh

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Craig Seeman
Re: Problems with stock 14X Fuji lens on EX3
on Oct 1, 2008 at 6:22:52 pm

I had a problem that sounds exactly like that on my EX1. Sony replaced the camera. Interesting that it's surfacing on the EX3 given key differences in lens design of course. It may well be an issue that involves the zoom's control of the motor.

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Rogier Timmermans
Re: Problems with stock 14X Fuji lens on EX3
on Dec 19, 2008 at 9:34:27 pm


I just found out I have the same problem. Going back to dealer on monday. Any word from Sony yet? Will they replace the lens? I'm very curious about how Sony handles this problem. Hope you'll let us know Olof!

Are there any other people having this servo-zoom problem?


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Grant Mac Leod
Re: Problems with stock 14X Fuji lens on EX3
on Mar 30, 2009 at 2:14:48 pm

i got an EX3 about a month and half ago and i noticed this same jerky zoom. on top that the manual zoom ring was very loose, i.e. no resistance. i sent it back and sony said it was fine and normal but they noticed a crack on the top of the camera and replaced it for me!
i had felt something on the handle but didn't know it was a crack!

anyways, they sent me a new camera and the this is definitely much better. at a speed of 2 it's nice and smooth however when it start off it jerks which is very annoying.
we might have to face facts that these fujinon are great but not for autozooming

there's definitely a trend

'Will i ever know all the programs i want to know?'

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Mark Morgan
Re: Problems with stock 14X Fuji lens on EX3
on Jun 26, 2009 at 2:30:59 pm

Almost immediately after taking delivery the first of April 2009, my Sony PMW-EX3 could not do a slow zoom with the stock 14x Fuji lens. When using the zoom control on the lens, it would either hesitate to start, or start too fast, or start to zoom slow then hesitate, making it impossible to perform a slow zoom. On June 15, 2009 the camera was at Sony in New Jersey.

On the 25th Sony informed me that speeds below 10 on the EX3 were not guaranteed, speeds above 10 should be smooth. The camera is being returned to me with no repairs made, they did update the firmware, I was informed.

My first question of many, when you're using the camera, and using the rocker zoom control, how do you go directly to zoom speed 10? Every zoom begins at zero and needs to be smooth throughout. I have used many many Broadcast quality cameras since 1972, producing videos full time. Even when the manufacturers referred to video gear as industrial quality, those lenses could do a slow zoom, When we had a similar problems with Canon lenses over the years those lenses were returned to Canon and repaired under warranty, sometimes out of warranty for a fee, but always in very timely manner, no discussion. The EX3 has a Fujinon lens.

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George Borse
Re: Problems with stock 14X Fuji lens on EX3
on Jul 20, 2009 at 11:45:04 pm

Hi Olof, Yes, I can't get the lens to zoom smoothly, its stutters on and off if you are trying to do a slow zoom, I thought buying a zoom controller would fix the problem, however, most of the manufacturers are making very basic controllers now and it made no difference to the zoom in fact the Manfrotto 521EX made things even worse, it jumps on start up and then starts and stop through the zoom range whist trying a slow zoom… therefore, I believe it must be the Fujinon lens that’s the issue.

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