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"can't restore all the files" message

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Mark Huckle
"can't restore all the files" message
on Aug 11, 2008 at 11:18:24 am

I returned for a shoot to find that a couple of files that I had shot were not on the third of my four SXS cards. I know that I would not have deleted the files and there is definitely shot numbers that are missing on the cards. I remember when I switched from one of the cards to the other I got the "restore files on card A" which I executed. Then I had the message "some of the files cannot be restored." Am I missing a trick somewhere? I've got DVDs and access to tutorials, but they've never covered "hot swapping" or whatever. Do you know what I have done wrong in switching cards or is there another reason?

Any diagnosis gratefully received.



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Don Greening
Re: "can't restore all the files" message
on Aug 11, 2008 at 4:00:10 pm

[Mark Huckle] " I've got DVDs and access to tutorials, but they've never covered "hot swapping" or whatever."

There's really no trick to swapping cards while you're recording. Once the slot A card is full the camera automatically switches to the one in slot B. You pull out the full card in slot A and replace it with an empty one, and so on. I've only had the EX tell me twice that a card has to be restored. The first time was when I tried to reformat a card using my laptop as a test. The EX didn't like the laptop's FAT32 formatting and I had to restore. The 2nd time was after I emptied the card using the laptop and the EX wanted to do a restore on the card. There were no media files on those cards at the time. I've never had the "restore the card" message come up with media already on the card.

Just so you know you're not doing anything wrong here's how I get the media off the cards and emptied:

-put the full card into my Macbook Pro's Express 34 slot.
-drag the BPAV folder from the card to my external G-RAID Mini.
-preview the clips from the copied BPAV folder with Sony's Clip Browser.
-drag the BPAV folder on the card to the laptop's trash can.
-empty the trash.
-put the card back into the camera

That's about it. If you've lost confidence in that particular card with the missing files, get it replaced. I've never lost a file so far, but with this new technology we're all basically in the same boat in uncharted waters. If you want to keep using the problem card at least get the camera to reformat it before using it again.

Make sure the card is properly seated in the slot. I had a message on my EX once that it couldn't access the card, so it knew there was a card in that slot. I took it out and pushed it back in.......firmly. It was all good after that.

- Don

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