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Very strange behavior with book page numbering

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Brian McLaren
Very strange behavior with book page numbering
on Jun 25, 2009 at 10:44:12 pm

I have a book project that has several documents that are chapters. I have them numbering sequentially and it has been working fine, the page numbers progress normally from document to document and display correctly in the document page numbers on each page and also in the panel for the whole book project.

I just split one chapter into two and added the split portion as a new chapter. When I added the new chapter into the middle of the book project, it appeared and starting with that new chapter, all pages numbers in the new document and in all documents after it started at page 1, even though I had not changed anything in the settings. So instead of sequential page numbering for the whole project, I had chapters that all started at page 1.

Here's the strangest part. If I go into any chapter that is numbered normally (all pages still sequential in the book) and change any setting, the document PREVIOUS to it in the book also resets to starting at page one.

I closed the project without saving and reopened it, all back to normal, but when I selected Update All Numbers it all went crazy. ALL documents renumbered starting at 1. I checked and they all still have the same settings as before; that is they are still set up to number sequentially from chapter to chapter.

I quickly closed down Indesign without saving anything. I reopened the project and everything was back to normal. But when I again hit Update All Numbers, the same thing happened -- every chapter now starts at 1.

What happened? I've done projects like this before and never had trouble getting pages to renumber correctly. I've been using InDesign for years but this is the first book project I've one in CS3. Is something different?

The only thing I have been able to get to work is to back to how I did it in the original InDesign and manually set each document to start at a certain page number.

Any ideas on what is going on here? It is InDesign CS3 on a Mac G5, but it does the same thing on a Mac Pro where I also tried it.

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