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Can you name or display thumbnails in the pages pallette?

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Can you name or display thumbnails in the pages pallette?
on Oct 27, 2006 at 2:53:59 pm

Our office manager has a large master indesign document with a page devoted to each of our company's past projects. When we send out demo material for a possible new job, she creates a copy of this master, then trims different pages out of this document and often reorders them based on the type of job we are bidding. This takes longer than it should though, as you have to click on each page in order to see what it is. Not being that familiar with indesign, I thought it would be easy to name all of the pages in the pages palette (a la layers or channels or almost anything in photoshop or after effects) so that we could tell them apart, and more easily re-organize them, but we can find no way to do this. I can find nothing about it in the help documentation. Is this possible?
We are using Indesign CS1.



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Re: Can you name or display thumbnails in the pages pallette?
on Oct 27, 2006 at 3:45:18 pm

Well, to address that specific 'technique,' you would have to create a new master page for each sample and then use that master.

However, what might be faster is to create a pdf file of the entire document.

Then, in Acrobat, enable thumbnails and you could scroll that way, remove, reorder etc all from within Acrobat.

Another thing you can try is to put a big yellow box with black type naming the sample on the page. This will probably show up enough to read it in the smaller thumbnail sizes.

Of course, instead of one master, she could also create three or four based on industry served or whatever criteria which would cut down on the time as well.

OR, save all pages out individually from the master pdf (Which Acrobat does automatically for you) and have a master list of what page 1 is, page 2 etc and that way you're just assembling one document each time from all the separate files.

That's all I have off the top of my head, maybe someone else has something.

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Re: Can you name or display thumbnails in the pages pallette?
on Oct 30, 2006 at 2:48:05 pm

If you need to keep the file in InDesign, you could put each "page" on a layer and name it as such, but that is a clunky way to do it. I would also suggest the PDF route. I would put a label on each page, using a paragraph style (you can hide this label on a hidden layer if you don't want it to show), create a Table of Contents that searches for this paragraph style. You can even put the TOC on a hidden layer, but be sure to check "create PDF bookmarks" and don't forget "include text on hidden layers" if you put the labels on hidden layers. When you generate the PDF make sure you select Include Bookmarks and in the resulting PDF, you'll have thumbnails down the left hand side (under the Pages tab) that can be clicked on for navigation, and also a Table of Contents list (by name) that can be used to navigate the PDF.

Hope that helps...

Erica Gamet
Digital Dimensions
"...for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

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Mike Gondek
Re: Can you name or display thumbnails in the pages pallette?
on Nov 3, 2006 at 7:59:59 pm

I would print out a hard copy adn put about 4x4 or 6x6 up on a page: file >> Print >> setup options >> thumbnails.
You will even het the page numbers above each thumbnail, adn can go to 11 x 17 paper if you want to fit more on a page.

This way you could free up your monitor real estate and not wait for any previews to render.

You could create a new library, select all on a page, and add this to the library, rename the item. You will get your thumbnail previews, adn you can easily rename each library item.

Suggestion 2 may disapoint you at the end depending on the speed of your machine and complexity of your artwork, as you may have to wait long if you library gets complex. You may also want to backup your library once creaeted if you try this method and like this.

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