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Dark Color, Off Color

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Shawn in MN
Dark Color, Off Color
on Mar 30, 2006 at 6:36:46 am

Help!!! I am hoping someone here can help me with what is probably either a color management issue or an HP printer issue or hopefully a simple setting in InDesign. I am using InDesign CS 3.0

A couple of years ago a friend at church invested in an HP 4600 Color LaserJet for his business and some church use. He runs windows so all he needed was the serial connection to hook it up. I run mac and since he didn't have a network card the only way I could print anything was by either e-mailing it to him or burning to a disk. But every time we went to print the colors were always bad. They were way too dark and anything that had any transparency in it came out purple. At the time I chalked it up to a mac/windows color management issue and lightened the image a lot on my mac to fake it....

Well, now he installed the network card and I thought since I could finally print right off my Powerbook my problems could be solved, but I was wrong. The colors are still too dark, and shadows, and transparent images are in odd colors. For the most part I seem to have the issues regardless of how or what program i used to print. I have used InDesign to export a PDF I e-mailed to him. Preview/Photoshop to print the Easter Basket which has shadows but not any known transparency (was a jpg image from a stock photo site). The one exception I think was a file i created in Mac's Pages program and exported to a PDF. It seemed to have good color and not really any issues with transparency or shadows. I don't like the interface for Pages as much as I do InDesign. Can someone help me understand what I may be missing? I have posted two example of the file. One is from the LaserJet (the bad one) and the other from my Hp Inkjet (the good one).

From reading posts and topics on as wide a variety of forums as I could and from those learned to check for any spot color (pretty sure i didn't use any) and I also copied the summary below. I believe I went to used the press preset at the top and tried that, The only other changes would have been to try different pdf versions.

Pages: All
Spreads: Off
Compatibility: Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3)
Standards Compliance: None
Generate Thumbnails: Off
Optimize PDF: On
View PDF after Exporting: Off
Create Acrobat Layers: N/A
Include Bookmarks: Off
Include Hyperlinks: Off
Export Nonprinting Objects: Off
Export Visible Guides and Baseline Grids: Off
Include eBook Tags: Off
Include Interactive Elements: Off
Multimedia: N/A

Color Images
Bicubic Downsample at: 300 DPI
for images above: 450 DPI
Compression: Automatic
Tile Size: N/A
Quality: Maximum

Grayscale Images
Bicubic Downsample at: 300 DPI
for images above: 450 DPI
Compression: Automatic
Tile Size: N/A
Quality: Maximum

Monochrome Images
Bicubic Downsample at: 1200 DPI
for images above: 1800 DPI
Compression: CCITT Group 4

Compress Text and Line Art: On
Crop Image Data to Frames: Off

Marks & Bleeds
Crop Marks: Off
Bleed Marks: Off
Registration Marks: Off
Color Bars: Off
Page Information: Off
Page Mark Type: Default
Weight: 0.25 pt
Offset: 0.0833 in
Use Document Bleed Settings: Off
Bleed Top: 0 in
Bleed Bottom: 0 in
Bleed Left: 0 in
Bleed Right: 0 in
Include Slug Area: Off

Color: CMYK
Destination Profile: N/A
Include ICC Profiles: N/A
Simulate Overprint: Off
Output Intent Profile: N/A
Subset Fonts Below: 100%
Omit PDF: Off
Omit EPS: Off
Omit Bitmap Images: Off
Transparency Flattener Preset: [High Resolution]
Ignore Spread Overrides: Off


I would really appreciate some help. Sorry this is so long.

Thanks a ton!

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