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Ron Moody
Pagination Query
on Aug 21, 2005 at 6:59:18 pm

I've searched this forum as well as adobe's doc's, but so far haven't found my answer.

Is InDesign capable of printing a multi-page two sided document in paginated format?
In other words, on an 11x17 printed sheet with 8.5x11 as source docs, can it print out pg 1 & 24 on one side with 2&23 on the opposite, followed by 3&22, 4&21, etc.

I'm sure there is a better (clearer) way of asking this question but this is the best I can do.

ron on Maui

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Re: Pagination Query
on Aug 21, 2005 at 10:06:32 pm

Sort of. First, you need a printer with duplex capabilities. In your page set-up, you'll see a Page flow which tells InDesign how it should print the pages. There are about four I think with little zig-zag lines showing which way the document should print.

However, it's a trial and error depending upon your page setup (in the Document, not the 'page setup' dialog box)

What I've done with great success is simply set the document up in reader spreads..that is, page one is what would be the cover, page 2 inside cover and so on. Then, I select Print, click the 'Printer" button (you'll get the standard message about using the boxes up top, just click ok) choose Layout from the pop-up menu. Specify 2 pages per sheet and click ok.

Voila. if you do have 17x11 paper, you still specify 2 pages per sheet, but you click the "spreads" option up front in the dialog.

This will let your document print back-to-back pages and require only half the number of pages in paper.

But your printer has to have duplex capabilities. The "Layout" option shows up as a system thing so if you don't know if you bought a laser with duplex, just try printing two pages (1-2) and it should suck the paper back in for the back side.

Otherwise, you'll need a third-party plugin for the pagination, but I don't think you can make a printer print twice on the same paper without refeeding it back in.

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Re: Pagination Query
on Sep 6, 2005 at 12:22:57 am

As far as pagination goes, you will need a plug-in. If you are using pre-CS2, then you could use the ALAP InBooklet SE. That comes with either: InDesign PageMaker Edition or the PageMaker plugin pack. If you are using CS2, then InBooklet is built right in. You'll find the plug-in under the File menu. I prefer to have it create a new document, that way I still have my original in single-page reader spreads.

You will, as Thumbslinger mentioned, need to have a printer capable of printing duplexed to get the print on both sides. Using your example, create the paginated 11 x 17 spreads using InBooklet, then print duplexed to a printer capable of doing so.

Let me know if I need to's been a long holiday weekend...ha ha!

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