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Basic BM Conversion Set-up Going 23.98 > 59.94

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Joshua Martelli
Basic BM Conversion Set-up Going 23.98 > 59.94
on Nov 10, 2015 at 11:28:15 pm

Hey guys,

In a nutshell I'm looking for some help/advice on a basic standards conversion set-up.
We shoot RED 23.98 and edit Premiere almost exclusively and most of our delivery is to web.
However we've just taken on a few TV shows that are destined for NBC Sports (59.94).
So I want to get set-up to properly transcode our masters prior to trafficking.

Our specs:
Mac Pro running 10.10.5 / 32GB memory / 3TB Internal / Adobe Premiere CC2015 / NO Pro Video Cards

First - am I correct on theory?
Step 1: Edit 45min show in Premiere at 23.98 (1080p 422HQ)
Step 2: Layoff show thru Ultra Studio Exp -> Teranex Exp and rec to Hyperdeck Shuttle (23.98 - > 59.94)
Step 3: Pull new 59.94 version of show back into Premiere (new 59.94 timeline) and address any frame issues.
Step 4: Traffic new 59.94 master to NBC via extreme reach.

So now for a few stupid questions:

Do I need an Ultra Studio Express to get out of the Mac through the Teranex and on to the Hyperdeck?
I see the Teranex 2D has Thunderbolt - so can I simply play out of Premiere through the Teranex 2D to the Hyperdeck and then use it in reverse to capture the new 59.94 version?

In other words - what is the cheapest and most simple way to get the conversion done?
We do not own any decks or current video breakout boxes / PCI express video cards, etc...
Any advice on this signal flow is very much appreciated.
Keep in mind too that I need to carefully track four channels of audio.

Converting 23.98 to 59.94 is definitely going to change my final TRT and TC correct?
Any advice on how to handle this? I'm going to be OVER my 45 min TRT correct? (adding frames?)
Is there a way to calculate the # of frames we will be over and adjust my 23.98 TRT ahead of the conversion?

Any other advice on this type of conversion and delivery?

My contact info:

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Glenn Sakatch
Re: Basic BM Conversion Set-up Going 23.98 > 59.94
on Dec 2, 2015 at 2:01:09 am

I can't speak to the workflow in Premiere, but typically when I cut for broadcast (in Avid), you cut your 23.98 sequence, and create a master file of that. In todays world you should have a 23.98 master file, incase anyone wants to burn a dvd or go to PAL.

In Avid I would then simply bring that 23.98 master into a 59.94 sequence and let Avid do the conversion.

If Premiere isn't up to the task, then sure use the Terenax, I would still keep a 23.98 master kicking around.

Your audio file should work on both sequences.

Yes you need to adjust your timing. In Avid you can monitor a 59.94 time inside a 23.98 sequence. I'm not sure if Premiere can do that, but there is nothing more embarrassing than submitting a program that is too long, or too short because you didn't make the adjustment.

You probably need to submit a 59.94 drop frame master to the broadcaster.


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