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ATEM for multi cam live streaming and long cable runs? anyone with experience?

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renato velarde
ATEM for multi cam live streaming and long cable runs? anyone with experience?
on Aug 26, 2014 at 5:20:49 pm

Hey there,
I've trolled here for years but rarely ask since usually my questions are already answered here.
Anyway, I'm looking at doing a livestream of a sporting event. It's not a huge deal (Cricket.. in the US... don't ask) but it is a paying gig for a friend. I've done live streams before with a single camera but more and more clients are asking for livestreams and the ATEM looks amazing for the price.

I already have the BM intensity extreme that I use to stream using a macbook pro and it's worked great once the settings are right (for one cam). So can anyone tell me if the following system might work the way Im hoping?
My biggest hurdle, I think, is getting an HDMI signal across a long distance without breaking the bank (and into an ATEM input).

-I want 2/3 cams to switch from on the field.
-I'd use the ATEM switcher (with laptop, monitor, cables) one camera going directly into it nearby other ----camera probably 200 ft away (too far for HDMI, maybe SDI too?)
-The ATEM would go into the intensity extreme and or the reverse and into the macbook pro
-then stream by... some service, don't know which yet

So basically I'm looking for: does the ATEM and intensity extreme work together to stream from one mac laptop? what would be a good solution to get super long HDMI cable runs to the ATEM without delay? an SDI converter of some sort? Some kind of HDMI signal booster? can't have a delay since it'll be live and multicam.
Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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Chad Pearson
Re: ATEM for multi cam live streaming and long cable runs? anyone with experience?
on Aug 26, 2014 at 10:42:20 pm

You'll be lucky to get HDMI to work at 30 feet, much less 200 with the ATEM (or most other switchers for that matter). It can be done, but it is finnicky to say the least. I strongly recommend going with native SDI cameras for no other reason than the fewer cables / converters you use the less than can go wrong. The Blackmagic Studio camera is probably the least expensive SDI camera available that has the necessary features for doing live events; that consumer / cinema style cameras don't have. Though viable lense options are limited.

Also, if your cameras are going to be that far away, have you though about how you are going to communicate with your camera operators so they know when they're live and what to point at?

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Zbigniew Kadzielski
Re: ATEM for multi cam live streaming and long cable runs? anyone with experience?
on Sep 20, 2014 at 6:59:01 am

200 feet is not so far away. We use Panasonic AG-AC90 (1080i50) camera with BMD HDMI-SDI Battery Converter and SDI cable. We tried other cameras with HDMI and they work fine.
With lower grade cable you get something like 50 meters, with high quality Belden 100 meters is OK.
Be very carefull with HDMI cable over 10 meters!
We use 1 M/E due to USB 3.0 with internal frame grabber, but have a few BMD Intensity (internal and external) and they work fine using AUX signal of 1 M/E.
We have our own Wowza server for streaming.


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Micha McLain
Re: ATEM for multi cam live streaming and long cable runs? anyone with experience?
on Sep 28, 2014 at 11:11:04 pm

I have the BMD 4k 1M/E. I recently did an outdoor concert with it running 4 JVC HD GY series cameras, the closest was at a 150' SDI cable run and the longest was at 300'.

The program out went to a BMD SDI Distribution (1 SDI in to 8 SDI outs). From there, 2 feeds went to these 40 feet long LED video screens (yes two of them, one on each side of the stage). Two additional feeds went to two BMD Hyperdeck Studio rack mount recorders for redundant recording of program. The last SDI out went to a mac pro laptop with a thunderbolt mini recorder running live streams software. We got internet in our production van using an ATT mobile wifi device which was enough for medium quality upstream.

BTW... my portable switcher racks have BMD scopes, monitors, tons of converters. The only non-blackmagic thing was the cameras, computers, cables, and 1 AJA ROI device which allows DVI to SDI input. the BMD box that does the same doesn't scan convert so it's pretty useless.

So, in other words, using BMD infrastructure, it's possible to set up a seriously mean switcher rig that costs a fraction of what it would have 10 years ago.

I love BMD gear. My 2 cents.


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