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TB Intensity Shuttle problems Part 2

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Al Bergstein
TB Intensity Shuttle problems Part 2
on Mar 16, 2014 at 10:18:48 pm

I posted part of this before, but am returning to it as I still cannot fix the problem. The TB intensity has *never* successfully worked for me to create a clean image coming off either a DVD player or now a Sony SD Camera. Here's the story. Anyone have a clue?

I have a TB Intensity Shuttle. I am running Media Express 3.2.4 (just upgraded and having the same problem as the earlier version was experiencing). Running Mac OS 10.8.5 w/16 GBs RAM. Output to a USB 3.0 drive or a TB drive. Have also recently upgraded to 10.9.2. No change to the outcome.

Current problem:
I hooked up a Sony SD camera, the DCR DVX-1000 to transfer a tape from it. I hooked up the TB Intensity, and tried to capture footage off the camera. The image comes up in the MediaExpress capture window, but I get continuous scrolling noise, as if it's not a clean play head on the camera mechanism, or maybe bad cable connections. I tried different cables, same problem. Same problem with the DVD output, as mentioned below. I then moved it to my late model MacBook Pro using the TB. Same problem. When I hook the Sony directly to the Macbook pro through a firewire cable and import using the old standby Log and Transfer from FCP 7.0 I get a clean image. So something is wrong with the Firewire transfer on both iMacs, which means to me that the TB Intensity is a problem (or the software running it).

Does anyone have a clue or is this product just not any good? I can't imagine that it is a bad product, since it seems people are using it. There must be some issue with getting a clean signal through the TB port to this. I am convinced that the settings are set right, since I do get video that is playing, just not cleanly. By the way, I am not running any other program when I try this.

Older post issue from 2 months back:
My client has a copy of a professionally produced SD video done of his band from the 1980s that was transferred to DVD at some point. It is not the best copy. But when it is plugged directly into a monitor, it plays as smoothly as can be expected. No dropped frames or black outs, A bit of '
waveyness' to the image, but nothing I would describe as *out of the ordinary* for these kinds of copies. Totally watcheable.

When I plug into the TB Intensity Shuttle and try and even view the video, I get considerable breakup of the image, no matter what setting I set it to. I have tried virtually every setting, but might have missed one.

I have set the BM 9.3.3 System Prefs to either Composite or S-Video, it doesn't seem to matter. As mentioned, it plays *fine* on the direct SD monitor with either type of cable plugged in.

When I plug in the Intensity, I get lots of break up. dropped Audio and video.

It happens even when the video is paused.

Anyone have a clue what I might not be doing right here?


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