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I can only dream

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luke irvine
I can only dream
on Feb 15, 2012 at 11:06:01 am

Here is my vision of a happy BMD future

hyperdeck studios that can record and playback at the same time. Instant replay style or delayed playback. ( like my hdd/pvr at home!!!)
hyperdecks that have prores support and Ethernet file transfers.
hyperdecks with loop record function.

vision switching consoles that have dissolvable aux buses (like GVG and ROSS)
routers that you can slot m/e cards into and use input from the router dynamically on the m/e cards. ( no need to have sources go to both router and vmu.)

multiviewer cards for router, so inputs and outputs could be monitored and the multiviewer can be output to any destination.

Analog audio and TC support for decklink duo and quad.

h.264 ip streaming unit

dvi extender with full res support for scaling/zoom to sdi

what is your dream??

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Shaun Roemich
Re: I can only dream
on Feb 15, 2012 at 6:27:17 pm

- Everything you suggest about the HyperDecks
- Dissolvable aux sends (on existing hardware if possible)
- DVI-I (supporting analog as well as digital) to HD-SDI with scaler to 720P and 1080i/p

Big Dog - Technical Director - Switcher
Road Dog Media - Vancouver, BC Canada

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Mike Squires
Re: I can only dream
on Feb 15, 2012 at 6:43:00 pm

-Add macros to the ATEM line (ie, on the TVS, the ability to change the upstream key graphic to something else in the media pool when switching cameras. I know you can do this with 2 upstream M/Es, but it should be possible to do this with the TVS via macros. We can currently do this will our Echolab switcher, and it only has 1 upstream M/E)

-Use embedded audio on the HDMI inputs (obviously 2-channel PCM only)

-The H.264 encoder needs some work, it adds way too much noise to the video, even at 20Mbps. I get much better results with 8Mbps H.264 in Premiere Pro, and that encodes in faster than real-time.

-Add streaming to the H.264 encoder

-Allow interlaced output in the H.264 encoder (it currently adds a lot of stair-stepping when it deinterlaces the video)

Besides the embedded audio over HDMI, I bet the other three requests could be done via a firmware update, possibly even the HDMI request.

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luke irvine
Re: I can only dream
on Feb 16, 2012 at 11:43:56 am

forgot to add.

if router panels could be used in conjunctions with vision switcher so they could control the aux busses or fire macros or gpi.

or even if they could be used to control m/e rows pvw or pgm.

if you could use 2 1m/e panels on the 2m/e switcher. 1 panel controls 1m/e and the other control the other m/e.

hyper decks could record straight to network drive while recording locally as a backup.
the best solution would be to use the local ssd storage as a buffer for the network transfer like an EVS does. It would also be awsome if the hyperdecks could connect to each other and transfer files while recording.

hopefully the teranex acquisition will fix the updowncross converter delay issues in the future. also
would be nice to see those features make there way Into a lot of bmd stuff.

the media express software to support the quad cards properly. I have made it work buy copying and opening multiple versions of the software but it would be much better to be able to add the function to the one piece of software. also allow the software to take
timecode from another source as the quad cards do not have an input for TC.

I would love a portable version of the 2pack LCD monitors that only has 1 monitor and has a test gen and waveform viewer in it.

more outputs on devices like the audio to sdi unit would also be usefull.

I do enjoy dreaming.

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Mike Squires
Re: I can only dream
on Feb 21, 2012 at 12:03:36 am

With the release of the MXLite software, all of my concerns about the H.264 encoder are now non-existent. That piece of software solved everything for me.

With that said, I'd like to add something else to the "Wish list":

- The chroma keyer in the ATEM isn't very good, maybe license Ultimatte's technology, like Echolab did. Once our Echolab switcher dies, or we go 100% HD (the Echolab is SD only), we'll have a $11k Ultimatte card that will be unusable, and I haven't seen anything that keys as well as that does.

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Bernhard Grininger
Re: I can only dream
on Feb 18, 2012 at 9:20:08 am

Hello, I dream of:

- BMD acquiring Woodman Labs, manufacturer of the GoPro Cams and owner of the Cineform Codecs;
allowing BMD to implement Cineform on the HyperDecks and giving away licenses of the best Intermediate-Codec available today with every BMD Product. One superb codec that works on all NLEs on all platforms!

- BMD fully integrating the Teranex-assets into the company, leading to extreme highend-image-processing on BMD-Hardware and allowing a product like the Teranex Mini in a form of a PCI-E board,
doing FILE-BASED image processing – quicktime file in / processed quicktime file out. Also integrating Teranex algorithms into DaVinci, CUDA-accelerated. And PLEASE get rid of Teranex' premium-product philosophy: this has broken it's neg and doesn't fit into the 21st century any more...
once again: F I L E-B A S E D ! ! !

- a realtime streaming encoder based on the ProRecorder

- an evolvement of the ATEM switchers: some kind of convergence of HW / SW,
somewhere into the direction of a Newtec TriCaster with virtual studio, etc.

Best regards,

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