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File capture format?

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Johnathan Montoya
File capture format?
on Jan 28, 2012 at 4:35:52 am

Hello everyone, this will be my first post. I see this forum site the most when I was doing my homework on the ins and outs of video capturing, editing, and rendering. With still some little questions that I couldn’t find answers I decided to register and make my first post.

Here is what I’m working with in case I had to post it

CPU – Intel i7 2600k

Operating System – 250GB SSD

Storage – 3TB HDD

Motherboard – ASUS Deluxe

Memory – 16GB

Graphics Card – Radeon HD 6870

I’m using the black magic intensity pro. The online resellers recommended I go with it because of the compatibility issues with the shuttle and its 3.0. I’ve been editing and rendering with Sony Vegas Pro 11. Before I used to capture and burn VHS tapes to discs with the dazzle from Pinnacle. Quality was poor but I guess that’s what you can expect from composite capture. I’ve done some editing with live source like on the Xbox 360 and had fun with that but now I’m working on a job for my coworker, to record and burn his old VHS tapes onto DVDs. What I’ve been doing now is capturing with black magic media express, cutting out static and useless clips with Sony Vegas, and then rendering as MPEG-2 and under that with DVD Architect NTSC Video Stream so that I can take that to DVD Architect Pro 5.2 and burning to a disc.

So my first question is which is the best file capture format to use in my case of capturing video from VHS? I can handle uncompressed because of its large size, but if I do go with it do I choose AVI 8bit, AVI 10bit, or DVX? And then of course there is compressed AVI Motion JPEG. What I’ve experimented with so far is AVI 8bit and it worked pretty well. I fell asleep with the VHS on, tapes are usually 6-8 hours, and some of his tapes have multiple events, most usually an hour long. This tape had about an hour of footage, but of course I recorded for about 8 hours so the file size was about 600GBS. I clipped the empty footage, and rendered to DVD Architect NTSC Video Stream under MPEG-2 and was left with a 4.9 GB file. This rendering process took about 30minutes. Next I imported it to DVD Architect Pro 5.2 and had to optimize/compress it because the file size was too big for the 4.7gb dvd-r, it took about 90minutes to render this and about 20 minutes to prepare and burn which leads to my second question as to why did this take so long? Is there a way to render in sony vegas so that I wont have to go through this? When recording on the dazzle, editing then burning with pinnacle would take maybe an hour tops, where doing things with the intensity pro took about 2.5 hours I was confused as to why doing the same thing pretty much (except rendering with Sony Vegas) would take about an hour longer. I appreciate all and any help.

Cheers, John

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James O'Malley
Re: File capture format?
on Feb 10, 2012 at 2:15:52 am

Whatever tool you use will be fast working with native file types and slow when rendering non-native. Using several programs with different codecs will usually cause pain and image quality loss. Most programs are also slower with image sequences, so for what you are doing, stick with wrapped AVI or MOV. I believe you are better with a MOV file.

Also consider that the movies may have more longevity and image quality archived as a compressed video file instead of coded as an SD Video DVD, which is lousy to look at by today's standards.

James P. O'Malley

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