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Hyperdeck Studio - an expensive paperweight?

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Richard Wirth
Hyperdeck Studio - an expensive paperweight?
on Oct 12, 2011 at 5:27:49 am

We received our Hyperdeck Studio on September 26th, three months later than originally announced.

So far, we have yet to get any service out of it for the reasons I'm outlining below.

I've contacted online support and have yet to get a response.

I left a couple of notes here hoping to engage someone about the product. I received one response but haven't heard anything more since I explained the problem further.

I've contacted our distributor who said they were going to pass it up through their channels. So far, nothing.

Here are our issues to date. I'm sure there are more, but frankly, we haven't been able to do any more with the Hyperdeck Studio beyond getting it to record and play back to a monitor. Anything beyond that is uncharted territory.

1. The operations manual is a woefully inadequate single 8.5x11 sheet of paper that addresses none of the instructions needed to troubleshoot any of the issues below.

2. I've tried to connect the Hyperdeck Studio to house reference and consistently lose lock.

3. RS422 connector seems to be dead. Avid Media Composer does not recognize the presence of a deck of any kind. I tried connecting a Sony brand controller used with other machines with the same result. Also, no way to choose between local and remote (RS422 port) control.

4. The claim of having Timecode Options is suspect as all I can get it to do is start 0:00:00:00. The following claim is made on BMD's Hyperdeck Studio section of their website:

"Reliable Timecode with Options
You can rely on HyperDeck Studio to capture with frame accurate timecode. Enjoy the ultimate in flexibility with real time code options virtually the same as you remember from broadcast decks! You get support for preset timecode, regenerate timecode from the last recorded clip or SDI timecode, all set via the included HyperDeck Utility. HyperDeck Studio even includes capture of metadata for integration with NLE editing software."

The only function I've been able to get it to do is pick up timecode where recording stopped (thus regenerating from the last recorded clip). Where is the preset? Where is the choice for SDI timecode?

5. The aforementioned Hyperdeck Utility doesn't do anything. After telling me the Hyperdeck isn't connected (it is) for a half second, an info box appears telling me the software is up to date. No option to open anything for configuration or control (as is stated in the timecode blurb - see above).

6. Placing an SSD drive from the Hyperdeck into a SATA reader produces nothing but garbled results. It will not import into either Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Pro. Instead, it seems to start importing the footage then causes both applications to quit unexpectedly.

The only reason I've held onto this long is the concept is viable and could be very useful to us IF they every can produce a unit that - literally - works as advertised. And of course the fact we own several SSD drives that weren't cheap.

I'm extremely disappointed in BMD. We use many of their products regularly with very few problems. I'd even be willing to accept the issues given that's it's a new product and new products go through growing pains. What really is souring me is the lack of response and communication.

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Matt Dowling
Re: Hyperdeck Studio - an expensive paperweight?
on Oct 13, 2011 at 6:18:15 am

Hi Richard,

I'll cover each point below:

1. The current operations manual is basic. As we turn on more features we intend to expand it.

2. What is the REF you are using? I just tried 23.98p to a WFM and it was locked nicely.

3. As Avid needs profiles for each deck, we are creating those now and will do an update in the coming days which will install the HyperDeck as a profile in Media Composer. I'm happy to provide you with the txt file that you can simply drop in into Media Composer to try out beforehand. If you could drop me an email address to contact you on that would be great.

4. Currently we record from 00:00:00:00 and its counts on from there. We will be doing an update to support embedded SDI timecode soon.

5. HyperDeck Utility is currently intended to update the firmware only of the unit. As we turn on more features, the Utility will become more alive.

6. This should not be happening and it totally unexpected behaviour. Does QT player playback the clips ok? It might be a good idea to call BMD local support in your region who can help walk you through this.

In regards to the response in communication, if your issue is urgent and if you think you are not getting a satisfactory response time wise, I would encourage you to call the local office nearest you for support so you can talk to someone directly and hopefully get some resolutions to your issues quickly.

We appreciate your understanding and patience while we turn on some features and fix some of the teething issues that sometimes crop up.

It's a fantastic product and we have some exiting things we are going to do with it!

Hope this helps.


Blackmagic Design

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Richard Wirth
Re: Hyperdeck Studio - an expensive paperweight?
on Oct 13, 2011 at 7:00:36 am


Thanks at last for a response.

I don't have time for telephone support calls. The process of waiting for someone to pickup and listening to long periods of hold music does not always lead me to a helpful person. Inevitably after going through a litany of issues, I must be transferred to someone else and must start the whole process over again - or I get cut off.

Besides, I like being able to refer back to the more accurate notes than I can make while on a phone call, particularly when there is a list involved as there is with the Hyperdeck.

Moving on, let me now respond to your list:

1. That's good regarding the Operations Manual. But shouldn't there be a troubleshooting section so I KNOW I shouldn't be expecting certain items to function?

2. I am using 23.98psf from an Evertz MSC5600 master sync generator. Our HDCam decks, Leader Scope and all ancillary equipment is also tied tied to this generator.

3. That will be great and I'll be happy to try out the files for Avid (and AJA Kona (FCP). However, it still does not explain why a Sony controller doesn't work with an RS422 connection that is supposedly Sony protocol.

4. I'm glad to hear you will support embedded timecode. But what about Preset control so we can do a record start at something other than 0:00:00:00 (as is advertised)?

5. That would explain that problem with the Utility program. I'll be patient but is there a (realistic) ETA?

6. I will attempt to playback with all my QT player iterations tomorrow and let you know what I find.

Another suggestion, even though I know it is not possible in the current design, would be for an External Timecode in and out connectors.

But if you can just get this other stuff working, we'd be happy until the next model is released.

Thanks, again.

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Pat McGillen
Re: Hyperdeck Studio - an expensive paperweight?
on Nov 2, 2011 at 3:30:42 am

I wish I had read this thread before I ordered one and spent another $500 on a ssd drive, I don't wish to sit on this unit like the purchase order I had on my desk for 11 months for the H.264pro I finally got a couple of months ago.

I really needed to have the RS422 control, as well as embedded timecode to be able to record and playback in match frame from a JL Cooper controller.

Don't think I will wait god knows how many months for Future Features when they are listed as now.

Very very disappointed!

On a good note, the ATEM 1ME switcher I installed out of the box last month was fully functional, as advertised!

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Scott DePace
Re: Hyperdeck Studio - an expensive paperweight?
on Nov 14, 2011 at 3:09:08 pm

I purchased two of these and am having trouble as well. It records and plays back fine, but I can't seem to find the right codec for imported file playback. I have tried both AVI and Quicktime uncompressed but neither files will playback or even show up. Any thoughts?

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Richard Wirth
Re: Hyperdeck Studio - an expensive paperweight?
on Nov 14, 2011 at 4:55:01 pm

It turns out the original unit shipped to us was faulty.

I now have a unit that does (almost) everything it is supposed to do.

I'm still having significant issues with external reference.

Regarding Scott's concern over using files, I haven't tried to playback files created in FCP through the Hyperdeck Studio.

However, I was told I needed to download their Desktop Video software to accomplish importing of files into FCP. Once I did that and used the BMD settings that subsequently appeared in audio/video settings, I was successful.

That information is nowhere to be found in the "manual." It also doesn't appear in the Hyperdeck downloads screen. I had to go through my litany of problems with BMD tech support and be told to download it from the Decklink section - go figure.

I'm guessing it will work in reverse. Let us know your progress.

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Jasenn Robertson
Re: Hyperdeck Studio - an expensive paperweight?
on Nov 24, 2011 at 12:27:21 am

Is the RS-422 working and handshaking as expected? Like Pat, I'm interested in controlling the Hyperdeck with a JL Cooper controller. I actually want to use a Gangway16 and run two or more Hyperdecks simultaneously via RS-422 control. Does anyone know if this will NOT work? Thanks!

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Richard Wirth
Re: Hyperdeck Studio - an expensive paperweight?
on Nov 24, 2011 at 6:06:09 am

We have one unit and it does work with a JLCooper ES450SP controller.

Have been busy with other activities and haven't gotten back to the reference problem which is our most serious issue with the Hyperdeck Studio at the moment.

Once we wrap up a bunch of projects and things slow down for the holidays, I expect to have time to run it through some tests BMD has suggested.

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Balazs Kovacs
Re: Hyperdeck Studio - an expensive paperweight?
on Jan 18, 2012 at 10:50:21 pm

Dear Matt,

Could you help me, when would it be available to record with the embedded timecode? In a month or so there will be a 2 Alexa shooting, and if it could utilize the timecode rather than start from 00:00:00, our client would love to use hyperdeck.

Balazs Kovacs

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