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Ultrascope feature requests!

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Robert Glanns
Ultrascope feature requests!
on Sep 28, 2011 at 8:42:39 pm

I've been using my Ultrascope for a few weeks now with Davinci Resolve and although I like it in general, I feel that there are many missed opportunities in the software that can make it a truly amazing product. These are a few of the things I wished Ultrascope could do:

- The ability to zoom any selected scope to full-screen: I know you can zoom in to the trace in each scope window, but the fact that you have to scroll around the tiny window view in order to see portions of the trace makes it less than useful, IMO. In fact, I dont find the current zooming method to be useful at all, because I cant see the bottom/tops of the WFM traces all at once when zoomed in.

It would be great if you could just doubleclick (or hit the spacebar) on any scope, and have it zoom up to fullscreen.

- Infinite zooming: Having only 1 level of zoom isn't very useful, and doesn't take advantage of the fact that a software-based scope display should be able to be infinitely zoomed in/out using the scroll-wheel on a mouse.

- User definable layouts: As a colorist, I have absolutely no use for the Audio meters, and because I already have external video monitoring, I also don't have much use for the Video preview window either, and I find the histogram to be less useful for grading purposes. These scopes are all wasted space for my needs, so it's frustrating that the WF/VS/Parade scopes are shrunk down so small just to accommodate these less-than-useful scopes. It also makes it hard to see things like Gamut errors at that zoom level

I would love to be able to choose which scopes are visible at any particular time, and have these windows auto-scale to best fit the monitor. This way, you could have a scope layout that is optimized for color-balancing (Parade and Vectorscope), and because you only have to display 2 scope windows, you can have a bigger view of each scope, which may obviate the need to have to constantly zoom in on the scopes.

- "Overlay" mode for waveform monitor. I love Apple Color and Resolve's WFM display's ability to show the RGB channels in overlay mode, so you can easily see when your rgb channels are balanced (the overlay turns white in areas where the channels are balanced).

- More obvious out-of-gamut indicators: Because the scope windows are so small, it's difficult at times to see subtle out of gamut errors. in addition to showing the gamut errors as red traces, it would be nice if there was a more obvious visual indicator of gamut errors, much like FCP's "Range Check" indicator (a yellow exclamation mark overlay)

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Kevin Cannon
Re: Ultrascope feature requests!
on Sep 29, 2011 at 5:06:40 am

Can I add?

1. The ability to change the colors of the waveform guides (the center dot is white, like the cloud that is my picture - why?) Also, being able to add and hide guidelines (a skin-tone bar or even just more reference shapes) seems like it should be a big advantage of software vectorscope.

2. Same thing on waveform, being able to toggle on/off the Millivolt scale and toggle on ten (or variable) lines for IRE/percentages. It's difficult to mentally convert 100% into seven horizontal lines...

3. I second infinite scaling...and rearranging/scaling scopes.

4. The video preview window would become very useful if it had a 10-bit/8-bit/12-bit measurement tool, like Nuke has or FSI monitors have... it would be awesome to just roll over a region and see a quick read of the RGB values...

I'm hoping that in order to better support some of their other cinema offerings (like Resolve and the Decklink 4K) that they add more cinema features, like 2K formats, XYZ, CIE gamut views or fun things like that...


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