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Intensity Pro Orange Output to Monitor

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Troy Davis
Intensity Pro Orange Output to Monitor
on Apr 22, 2011 at 8:28:45 pm

Hey everybody.
I'm going to try and be very thorough in explaining this.
I use a monitor (the same monitor) for both my PS3 and my PC. It only has a DVI and VGA input.
The monitor is a Dell 2209 1920x1080 monitor, by the way.
Before I got the Intensity, I played my PS3 on an HDMI cable with a DVI adapter that I got with a video card and it has worked and looked perfect since.
With the Intensity, I have to (as I'm sure you know) use a component cable to connect my PS3 to the capture card. That worked fine and my capture screen on Media Express works great; no problems there.
However, when I try to use the HDMI output on the Intensity to go to my monitor (using the DVI adapter), I either get a message on my monitor screen saying, "the input is not supported. Please set the input to 1920x1080@60hz or any of the other supported inputs." That message pops up or, if I can get the image to display, it has a rough orange color tint to it while my monitor is in RGB. If I set my monitor to Ycbr (or something or other), it shows up with a green tint to it. My PS3 is outputting in 720p @ 59.94 because it looks better than 1080i @ 59.94. If you don't know, I cannot choose a 1080p output on my PS3 because the Intensity does not pick up a 1080p @ 59.95 signal.
So, there's my problem in a nutshell. It wouldn't be as much of a problem is the capture screen in Media Express wasn't so small.
Likewise, if there is another capture software out there that I could use that has a full screen display box, then that would be perfect.

tl;dr The Intensity is outputting to my monitor in a weird orange color. Using an HDMI>DVI adapter.

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Troy Davis
Re: Intensity Pro Orange Output to Monitor
on Apr 26, 2011 at 8:10:28 pm

I emailed the guys at tech support and this was their reply.

"The reason this is not working is because you are working with two different
color spaces.

Basically, HDMI can carry both the RGB and YUV color space. However, DVI
only carries the RGB color space. Our cards only output YUV. As such, the
YUV signal is being passed over HDMI but once it hits the DVI adapter it no
longer gets passed as the DVI adapter is expecting RGB.

As the colorspace conversion is just being passed and not converted, this is
why it will not work. We do have a product that will do the YUV to RGB
colorspace conversion but this is specifically from SDI to DVI. We do not
have anything that will do HDMI to DVI.

So if you take the HDMI out to a HDTV this should work."

*Goes out to get a monitor that has HDMI input*

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