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Here we go again: Extreme3D>HDlink3Ddisplayport>Dreamcolor=calibration?

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Sean Kapleton
Here we go again: Extreme3D>HDlink3Ddisplayport>Dreamcolor=calibration?
on Feb 21, 2011 at 9:41:17 pm


I have gotten a variety of responses in these forums and from BMD directly as to how to set up this combination of equipment but I am still a bit confused about hdlink utility settings. Unfortunately I do not have the finances right now to hire some to calibrate on a regular basis let alone even once without knowing more going into it so i am hoping i can get some more solid info and if need be hire a calibration expert.

I mostly use FCP, Color and am just learning Resolve now. I have struggled to understand my own setup for grading - I have the HDLINK 3D+ (display port = to hdmi 1.4?) getting an SDI signal from the BMD Extreme 3D card on my 12-core macpro going out to an HP Dreamcolor 2480zx. All drivers are up to date on everything - just checked. I mostly use FCP and color and getting the correct color space rec. 709 is vital obviously.

A few places I have worked had this setup and i chose it because its what I know, and its cost effective for my budget but there seems to be some discrepancy when it comes to the hdlink utility window and calibrating. I send out 1080i60 bars from fcp to the Dreamcolor and have to make the following adjustments to get the pluge looking right and I am curious to get feedback whether this is correct or what I need to do. I have never used a probe on it but instead have followed the procedures I have seen studios use to get 10 or so work stations all looking the same for broadcast work.

HDLINK utility settings:
1D RGB Output
Lift = +24 to get pluge visible and looking right when i adjust the dreamcolor's black level. Should I have to make these adjustments to get rec.709 setup properly to the dreamcolor? It would be great to get some advice on this combo of hardware.

Dreamcolor settings:
Rec. 709
white point: 6500
lum: 120
black level: 127 (its this adjustment that sets the pluge looking right but it doesn't work unless you mess with the hdlink utilities lift).

Responses from BMD:
1)I’m afraid I don’t believe there’s an easy answer to this. Calibrating monitors by eye at least is unlikely to produce the most accurate colours. Each monitor is going to have it’s quirks. If you applied the same LUTs on several identical monitors I doubt that they would look the same.

Not being a professional in regards to calibration, I wouldn’t like to suggest how best to go about doing this yourself. The ideal would be to be able to calibrate the monitor itself, and leave the LUTs on the HDLink Pro for ‘looks’, but this isn’t always possible.

I think that the only real way to calibrate any monitor with any accuracy is to have a professional do it, whether you are using a high end broadcast monitor or an HDLink Pro with an LCD. (seems like this is the "best" answer.

2)You can access the setting in the HDLINK Utility Software under Preferences menu option. Just check the box. This will let "illegal broadcast" colors past through eg. blacks will appear high.
I believe this is what you need to display the pluge pattern and set your your black level properly out from fcp 108060i bars.

So i have gotten two decent answers but I am left still unsure of things here. I have made a large financial investment with BMD and would really appreciate some support with this. If the answer is to not adjust anything in hdlink utility and have the Dreamcolor professionally calibrated then GREAT i just need to know exactly what needs to be done with this combo of gear.
thank you for your time

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