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error message / problem with our Blackmagic Multibridge in the FCP suite

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Harriet Dimayuga
error message / problem with our Blackmagic Multibridge in the FCP suite
on Jul 30, 2010 at 6:52:28 am

What this error message / problem is related to

Graphics Card / Driver User
Suspected Cause:
This crash appears to have been caused by an issue with your graphics card or graphics drivers.

Common causes:
* Embedding complex Motion projects in your Final Cut Pro timeline.
* Using a large number of layered tracks.
* Putting lots of filters on a single clip, especially if that clip is a long-GOP format such as XDCAM or H.264.
* Running Final Cut Studio on an underpowered graphics card.
* Running out of graphics memory.
* Using images in Motion that are larger than your graphics card's maximum texture size.

Suggested Actions:
* Switch off RT Extreme in Final Cut Pro.
* Export any embedded Motion or LiveType projects on your timeline as QuickTime movies and then reimport them.
* In Motion, switch the Fixed Resolution option on for vector and PDF images.
* Resize any large images in your project.
* Update your operating system, as Apple includes new graphics drivers with each OS X point update.
* Consider purchasing a more powerful graphics card.

Since this crash is often caused by overworking the computer, consider the following to minimize the strain on your system:
* Don't edit MPEG-2, H.264, XDCAM or HDV in the timeline - convert it to ProRes instead (or at least render in ProRes).
* Convert Motion projects to QuickTime movies. If you must have embedded Motion projects in your timeline, make sure they are not complex.
* Don't use your system drive as a scratch disk.
* Make sure your scratch disk has enough throughput to playback the video format you are using plus 20% for overhead. Also make sure it has at least 20% free disk space on it.
* If you are using multiclips, remember that each camera angle plays back simultaneously, so you need fast enough disks to play back all of your multiclip angles at once.
* If you are using any third-party filters in your sequence, make sure they are compatible with your version of Final Cut Pro. It's worth checking with the manufacturer for an update.

More Information:
This crash is related to QuickDraw. To fix this crash, try trashing preferences with Preference Manager and running a Comprehensive scan in FCS Housekeeper.

Relevant Line:
0 0x97b633cd _SetDstBits32BGRA + 8

Video Output
Suspected Cause:
This crash appears to have occurred when trying to output video to an external monitor or deck.

Suggested Actions:
* Sometimes this crash can occur if the deck is switched off. Check the deck is switched on before trying to output video.
* Double-check all connections to the deck or monitor.
* Check with the manufacturer of your output card for a driver or firmware update.
* Disable the video output feature of the your card.
* Disable or remove the card from your system.

More Information:
This crash is related to a Blackmagic Design card.

Relevant Line:
0 ...agic-design.BlackmagicCodec 0x0d08070b Horizontal_Upsample_2vuy_1_to_2_Vector + 98

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