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Blackmagic and homemade raid my sucess story

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slobodan milivojevic
Blackmagic and homemade raid my sucess story
on Nov 11, 2009 at 11:34:34 am

Hi, just wanted to share my experiance with home made RAID, against other most expensive RAID solutions.

I have made my own RAID system, whitch is RAID 5 array, with 5 x 1tb Seagate HDDs, and it is working like a dream!!!!It is fast, and very safe, because it is protected from a single drive failure!

I can play uncompressed HD TGA sequence from my premiere timeline with no problem!!!And all of this for only 400-500USD investment....
Capture and playback is working like a dream, and also, I use this partition as my pagefile drive.

On other machine, I have GRAID, with 4x1.5 TB, and want to say that speed is 3x slower than this( USING ONLY 1 SATA CABLE CONNECTION FROM RAID TO RAID CARD....? )so speed is like a single SATA 3 drive for 4x more money that home made RAID ARRAY!!!

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Joshua Helling
Re: Blackmagic and homemade raid my sucess story
on Nov 11, 2009 at 6:48:46 pm

Just out of curiosity what interface are you using? Are these drives hosted on the onboard motherboard sata connectors? I am assuming this motherboard has a hardware RAID controller that supports 0,1 and 5 RAID levels?

Raid 5 is fact it is my preferred RAID level. It has slightly lower write times over a RAID 3, but the read times are similar and the efficiency is better too.

So...gratz...I'm glad to see you having good success. I'm glad to see more people doing this.

My one recommendation when doing this is as follows. DENY your urge to buy the OEM type drives (they are more likely to fail). Make sure you buy good quality drives retail at the least and enterprise if possible. Even if it means buying smaller drives to fit your budget. Having the redundancy is nice, but best if the drive doesn't fail in the first place.

Cool man. Enjoy.


Director of Support
Blackmagic Design Inc.

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slobodan milivojevic
Re: Blackmagic and homemade raid my sucess story
on Nov 12, 2009 at 8:29:45 am

Hi Joshua!
Yes, it is a Gygabyte MB, with onboard RAID 0,1,5.....

Yeah, RAID 5 is great regarding read speed, and it is very safe and secure..... I am very happy with my system now..

Just...want to ask, maybe it is offtopic, but: what is your reccomended system setup for working with DVCPROHD/DECLINK HD EXTREME, i mean in Premiere CS4 with DVCPROHD, when I put LEVELS, and one COLOR CORRECTION plugin, it is not more real time playable on I7 Quadcore machine with 6Gb of ram and this RAID setup.....

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