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New to Blackmagic - some questions

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Carlos Manuel
New to Blackmagic - some questions
on Jul 8, 2009 at 3:38:38 pm

Hi folks,

I'm going to upgrade my editing system and I'm in doubt on what is better for me.

Currently I (still) edit with:
Win2K + Premiere 6.5 + Targa3000 + Combustion.
Marvelous image for YUV or DV. All REAL-TIME, but no HDV and a very difficult capture from the Z1 camera.

I will go for a PC with DeckLink HD Extreme and Premiere Pro CS4.
If some of the questions seem 'idiot' please forgive me.
I'm a BIT desapointed with the other option.

- Is CS4 more compatible with HD Extreme than CS3?

- I will work 95% of the time with HDV and DV video that I shoot with a Sony Z1 camera.
I have a J-30 SDI betacam player, but in the last year was sleeping most of the time...
Can I edit in the same time line in PP both DV and HDV?

- Do I get video out from PP and Combustion without problems?

- I have a PVM-20L4 CRT monitor that I still whant to use with SD PAL - via YUV.
If I work with HD (HDV) I want to monitor the image on a consumer Sony BRAVIA (for ex.).
Is this possible?

- Seems that the HD Extreme does not accelerate the renders like M;atrox RT-X2 or AXIO.
From your experience on the field, what kind of render times should I expect in normal work?

Last, but not the least
For you that have choosen HD Extreme over Matrox AXIO or RT/X2, what are the main advantages day-by-day?

-Why I should go for HD Extreme over the others?

My work is 50% PremierePro and 50% Combustion.
-Does HD Extreme work well with VISTA 64-bit and 8 or 12 GB RAM ?

I hope you understand my position.
Any input is wellcome.


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Aristides Tiropolis
Re: New to Blackmagic - some questions
on Jul 10, 2009 at 1:29:08 am

Some scattered answers:

Been using PP CS4 Vista x64 8gb ram with the extreme for some time now. I actually had little problems with the same setup in CS3, I have encountered serious problems due to the fact that Blackmagic and Adobe had bugs in their drivers/software which with the latest updates seem to have been fixed...Most of my problems were with rendering the timeline (720 25p mostly, 1080 projects were more stable) and rendering with this darn new AME...

SDI and Y output seems to been working fine...

You can edit both DV and HDV in the timeline although as you probably already know the DV clips will be smaller when you watch them on the preview monitor so you will need to scale them...My off topic suggestion will be NOT to scale them in Premiere and upscale them in AME or i.e Procoder in the sequence resolution you will be working and in a proper codec, as quality is substantially better that way...

Haven't used a Matrox nor would I personally want to work with one besides maybe with an MXO on a Mac..But by looking at the specs the difference seems to be the hardware acceleration of HDV/DV timeline...However there is absolutely no need for special acceleration on HDV timelines on modern Windows/Macs on Quad or Octo-Core configurations, especially the Nehalem ones. Nor am I impressed by matrox's mostly cheesy/porn style hardware accelerated effects and transitions.

There is not a definite answer on rendering times since that all depends on what kind of footage you will be editing, its resolution, its data rate, if there are dynamically linked stuff on AE, the kind and amount of effects/transitions/audio automations and last but not least the kind of codec and data rate you will be rendering your stuff to.

You could consider Cineform as very useful complementary tool, it is the Prores of windows, although it works on the Mac too..

From experience a proper RAID system makes all the difference in the world...

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Margus Voll
Re: New to Blackmagic - some questions
on Jul 12, 2009 at 6:52:37 am


If still supported then BM MJPG on win is olso really good.



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Carlos Manuel
Re: New to Blackmagic - some questions
on Jul 12, 2009 at 5:49:37 pm

Thanks for your post.

-What RAID do you use/advise?

-Do you use the CineForm? Seems a great tool.

-I feel that with a i7 and a good GPU I will not need Hardware acceleration so much. Specialy if I go Cineform.

-What's your opinion: For my kind of work (PremiereCS4 and Combustion) with Cineform from HDV should I go for a GTX295 or a Quadro CX or Quadro FX.
Are the Quadro REALLY better, or ... ...

I feel the same about Matrox. I (probably) never use the matrox effects.
I edit with Cut, Mix and 1 or 2 wipes.
I do some titles and a LOT of color correction.
The more elaborated effects are ALL combustion. (old School...)

Thanks again

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