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core2 duo motherboard for decklink extreme?

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ian blackburn
core2 duo motherboard for decklink extreme?
on Oct 18, 2008 at 9:59:19 pm

I have recently obtained a decklink extreme pcie card and a copy of adobe premiere cs3 pro. - As I can't afford a turnkey workstation at the moment, I am having to build my own pc. - I have tried a D975XBX motherboard (as recommended by bmd),a DG33BU,and two acer amd boards all without much success. I have also tried the XBX with both ATI 3650 and QuadroFX1500 graphics cards. - The most success I had with hdmi was with the DG33BU using its onboard graphics, but it could not handle any effects on the premiere timeline. - I have also never been able to detect a signal on the hdmi input. - The card has been recently been tested by bmd, and was found to be in order.
Can someone advise me please?

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ninetto makavejev
Re: core2 duo motherboard for decklink extreme?
on Oct 20, 2008 at 3:22:02 pm

Dear Ian,
I wish I could give you good advice. I can only offer my condolences/own sad experience with Decklink HD extreme (pci-e) in PC machines, and hope that someone at BMD will wake up and deal with the buggy drivers and improve their communication with customers in general.

I too tried two different systems (Asus 5b-Deluxe and Gigabyte P-35-DSP), all kinds of configurations/parameters in the Bios, re-install of XP...
after weeks of suffering I was only able to get Decklink to "kind of" work. Or it would work for one day and not the next, although no new hardware/software was added.

I posted on this forum "Decklink install misery", also hoping that SOMEONE with a working system would respond. One response -see below for Chris Blair's experience... plus an email from New Zealand from another frustrated user with exactly the errors I described (decklink screws up primary drivers, BSOD, etc.)

Here a checklist of things you can try:

>it seems the BIOS settings are very important: not only should you be sure to set your PEG at x4 for the Decklink, you might try toggling the PnPlay OS-control or Bios-control for setting IRQs.

>Do NOT extend the desktop on the Decklink screen (tip from Chris Blair). Set "send black" in Decklink control.

Other than that, I hope BMD gets cracking. The compatible motherboards list on their Website has just recently changed, so I also really wonder what pc-motherboard really works with their cards...

good luck,

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Ian Blackburn
Re: core2 duo motherboard for decklink extreme?
on Oct 20, 2008 at 4:36:21 pm

Many thanks for your reply Ninetto.

I have now decided to refer this matter to the professionals over at PlanetDV in Bradford UK before I waste any more money on testing any more components in my PC and having a nervous breakdown. - PlanetDV have always been very helpful to me in the past!

They are going to fit my machine with an Intel D975XBX2 mobo as specified by BMD, and after they finally get it working I intend to glean every bit of information that I can get from them with respect to any changes to the BIOS or jumper settings, and pass the information on.......

This not the first time I have been in this predicament, and I really wish firms like BMD would get their products right before unleashing them on the poor unsuspecting public!

Meanwhile, any further information from anyone else would be most appreciated


Ian B :-)

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ninetto makavejev
magic recipe for dark design?
on Oct 21, 2008 at 7:44:04 am

please do post any secrets the tech-experts unearth on how to get the Decklink HD extreme running on a PC (board, bios-settings). I too am on the verge of a nervous breakdown (!)

good luck, ninetto

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ninetto makavejev
Re: core2 duo motherboard for decklink extreme?
on Nov 11, 2008 at 9:13:05 am

Any news or breakthroughs getting your system to work with Deckllink HD Extreme?
I have "kind of" got my system working by shutting off almost any feature I could do without in the Bios. (on-board sound, memory remapping, etc).
But I would be curious if you have some specific info of something I haven't tried yet.

Ninetto M.

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Tanel Toomsalu
Re: core2 duo motherboard for decklink extreme?
on Nov 11, 2008 at 12:52:27 pm


Sorry to hear about Your troubles getting it to work. This summer we got our first blackmagic product - Decklink HD Extreme 2 PCIe, and there has been no problems so far (beginners luck maybe :) ).
Its in self-built PC and motherboard is Abit IX38 QuadGT (x38 chipset). Chose it as it was the only available mb here with DDR2 support and with more than 2 faster than 1x PCIe slots (all others needed DDR3 already and I wanted a cheap upgrade using old CPU/RAM at that time).
The motherboard has performed fine with all PCIe slots filled (decklink, gfx, raid, scsi) and using Vista Business x64 and CS3. No special tweaks in BIOS that I can remember, as it kinda worked at once.

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ian blackburn
Re: core2 duo motherboard for decklink extreme?
on Nov 29, 2008 at 3:41:22 pm

Success at last!

Motherboard 'Asus P5E-V-HDMI' worked first time with 'Decklink Extreme' card and AdobeCS3 - 'Still issues with Sony Vegas though...

No tweaking in the BIOS needed either.

Now at last I can get on with my work!.

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