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Nick DeTerlizzi
Corporate Product Overview Video Pricing
on Jul 7, 2015 at 2:42:26 pm

I am bidding on a company's video marketing business. They have their top ten products that need short 1 minute video overviews of each and then uploaded to YouTube and a streamable codec option for their website.

I am proposing the following for the scope of the project:

- Film in our home office
- Design the set and background for videos
- Storyboarding template for video overview
- Script writing (client may or may not want to do this, have to budget for either) for each product

Film & Production
- Lighting
- Film Time & Equipment
- Additional Rental Equipment
- Set -up time & break down time

- Editing time
- voiceover talent
- Royalty Free Music
- Exporting to steaming formats for different uses

Upload for Client
- Upload to YouTube
- Upload to Website or to Webmaster
- Video Optimization on YouTube
- Playlist creation on YouTube

I am trying to get an idea of what I can charge to a large scale client like this. I have costs with my time of editing, film, contracting voiceover talent, buying bed music, designing the set, additional rental equipment, and possibly copywriting for script.

I posted this for suggestions on how to be cost effective but also to get an idea of what I can charge for a project like this. If we do well and budget efficiently we can get a lot more work out of it. They have many products. I would be interested in hearing your feedback.


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Mark Suszko
Re: Corporate Product Overview Video Pricing
on Jul 7, 2015 at 4:28:40 pm

When I see these online, several things usually stand out, number one being crappy, off-mic sound, either from the on-camera talent or the off-camera narration.

The second flaw is usually bad lighting and shot composition.

The third problem area is a bad script, or a script badly performed/delivered. You might in some cases prefer to go with no voice-over at all, just occasional supers of key text call-outs. Don't miss out on a wider audience: take the time to get good translations done in key languages.

Finally, bad music, or unlicensed pop music. This creates nothing but problems later.

From a business perspective, the client will want to get these done all in one day, in one location, in one shoot, as fast and cheap as possible. A "set design" may not be needed if the product is small enough to fit on a desk top: then you only need a minimal, low-distraction table-top setup like a muslin cloth and an out of focus wall surface in the BG.

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Bill Davis
Re: Corporate Product Overview Video Pricing
on Aug 26, 2015 at 11:16:08 pm

What's the product?

Shooting 10 cars a month is orders of magnitude different than shooting 10 dolls.

Or worse yet, a doll, an RV, a dresser, a ring, a painting ... and so on!

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