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Concept of the coprorate video for online forex broker. Please, Help!

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Karina Gabidullina
Concept of the coprorate video for online forex broker. Please, Help!
on Jul 30, 2009 at 8:42:27 am

Hi! I'm a student and now I try to create a coprorate video for online forex broker. But I don't have good ideas how it'll look like not to be so boring as I saw before... Please, Help me!!! It'll be image film about the company, Duration I think will be about 10 minutes, May be about the stuff, Clients, History... I really don'n what to do...

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Mark Suszko
Re: Concept of the coprorate video for online forex broker. Please, Help!
on Jul 30, 2009 at 1:58:43 pm

Suggestion 1: turn down the job, you're not yet qualified to do this.

Suggestion 2: GET qualified: get over to Amazon and buy John Morley's book on Corporate Scriptwriting. John will show you in easy steps the entire process from where you are right now, to where you want to be. He also points out the common mistakes and shows you how to avoid these. You will quickly learn how to figure out what the video needs to do, you'll learn how to brainstorm the creative approach for portraying that information, and you'll have some guidance in executing that plan effectively. Here it is.

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Mike Smith
Re: Concept of the corporate video for online forex broker. Please, Help!
on Aug 1, 2009 at 12:35:48 pm

Starting points ...
Who is the target audience? What do you know about them? How much do they know about your client's business, or similar businesses? What kind of interests do they have? What appeals might move them to action?

What is the client's objective?
Is it to generate sales directly, to build awareness of their business and brand, to placate people after negative publicity, to influence regulators or business partners? You need to know why the client wants a video, and what the client hopes it will achieve.

Distribution - how will you and the client get it to audiences?
It makes all the difference in the world if this is for client reps to take in to meetings with qualified potential customers to talk through the details, mechanics and special features of their offering (serious, detailed and accurate might be in order), or if this is an on-line ad hoping to drive sales over the internet (when very short, fun, potentially viral and flippant might be a choice).

What else is out there? What is the client already doing to achieve his / her objectives? You'll need to be consistent with that. And what are the competition up to ? Your audiences will have seen a lot of their stuff too - so you need to be aware of that in preparing your approach.

Why ten minutes? That's a long time to pitch an idea to someone not interested - so you'd better hope this is for qualified and interested people. Or make it shorter. And of course at this stage, with no budget specified, absolutely anything might be in scope, from cartoon or claymation through sitcom or romcom to business report or doc to symbolic drama .... what did the guys who came up with the film Night Mail take in helping them dream up a poetic, musical and semi-mystic piece in response to the brief to make a doc about a train? How did Pirelli come up with a half-hour short about a girl in a sports car and a long distance truck driver both en route from London to Rome, for a tyre promo (The Tortoise and the Hare). How easy was it for a producer to turn a brief for a "factory film about how we make our artists' tools" into an experts' demo, a masterclass using said tools which sold in large numbers, recovered its budget direct sales to potential product users within a few months, and was still in use a decade after production ...?

Hooks So what is the fundamental appeal or special factor in the client's business approach? Do you need to sell the whole sector (for those of us who've never wanted to use an online forex broker nor considered it, here's why and when we might benefit?) Or do you want mainly to differentiate the client's brand as the go-to guys when you want to do this, for already expert customers? The line you choose will probably be (had better be!) different ...

So all in all a little fuller brief might help you pick out suitable ideas ...

There's no reason to make boring video - that would be a failure of imagination on your part. But people are interested in different things - the sports nut, the opera fan and the urban groupie are not always the same person. So who do you want to interest, and why? Think like those people might think, and tell us / them something that you think is worth finding out about ...!

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