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Softwear Questions

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Old Man In The Garden
Softwear Questions
on Mar 9, 2007 at 10:07:55 pm

I wanted to see what you guys think of the differences between Adobe and Apple. I've been using Adobe just because I was familiar with the Creative Suite when I started doing video. But I've always been a big fan of Apple and their software. Do you feel that the program collections are pretty similar as far as interface and performance or do one tower over the other? I know the Adobe Production studio is coming out for AppleOS soon, what do you think of the Apple platform over Windows. Is there a difference in performance and reliability in the video arena or is it just prettier and a waste of money. Thanks for all your help.

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Tim Kolb
Re: Softwear Questions
on Mar 13, 2007 at 5:43:54 pm

I think the editors...FCP and PPro are more similar than most would care to admit for whatever reason. I use them both...PPro more, but I can sit down and immediately function on FCP when I need problem.

Effects and compositing are a different story. LiveType and Motion are somewhat different animals than AE and it depends on how you like to work best...subjective. I think that AE has more capabilities than Motion, but if Motion does everything you need, who cares?

I use Encore DVD and it's has its faults, but I do moderatley sophisticated authoring with it. I think DVD Studio on the Mac is more intuitive and it's VERY stable, but I'm not sure if it has the depth of functionality that Encore has...I haven't used it enough to know.

Audio-wise, I LOVE Audition...though that is being taken out of the suite and SoundBooth is coming opinion on this other than I LOVE Audition at this point...I have no meaningful experience with the audio end of the Mac stuff.

It's a matter of workflows to a point. I use CineForm intermediate for editing HD and 2K and FCP doesn't have that capability at this point...PPro does. If you're a DVC ProHD house, Final Cut needs to be carefully considered as its native DVC ProHD workflow is a real time-saver.

If you're in DV...use what feels good. It's a toss up in my opinion.

(Disclaimer: I use Premiere Pro/AE, et al primarily and am very pre-disposed to Adobe interface design.)

Kolb Productions,

Creative Cow Host,

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