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International standards question

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Nick Griffin
International standards question
on Feb 14, 2007 at 9:06:55 pm

Hey, guys. Got a question for those of you with NTSC to PAL experience.

I'm producing a short industrial which will be shown as part of a speech at a trade conference in Sydney next month. Since it's all being shot and edited here, it's being done in good old SD NTSC. (OK, it didn't seem economically sensible to do anything else since our cameras and main mastering deck are NTSC.) Now the question becomes showing it and the need to (or not to) up-sample / convert to PAL.

My client is under the impression that he wants to play the show either off hard disk or DVD from his laptop which will also contain his Powerpoint show which will go in the front and back of the video. His logic is that this will avoid any standards issues.

My first question is: Do the data projectors into which the laptop is plugged observe PAL/NTSC or are they some form of progressive scan that will take any digital output? If so, will the 50/60 hz difference make anything unpleasant?

How prevalent are multi-standard DVD players down under? We've had DVDs mastered in America play just fine in Europe (or so I'm told). Will a multi-standard player provide the proper feed to a data projector?

I've done international work several times before but it was primarily intended for NTSC consumption. The few times we've converted a finished show to PAL -- even with expensive motion-corrected transfers -- I've always been greatly disapointed by the image degradation.

Thanks for any ideas/input you can provide on any of the above.

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Re: International standards question
on Feb 16, 2007 at 10:24:45 am

It seems to me that your client is spot on - the whole point of data projectors is that they project the screen display from the computer, so if the computer can play it. Computers frequently and normally use varying refresh rates, with problems from underlying cycle frequency in the mains power.

On the multi-format player side - your client would just need a projector that accepts appropriate ntsc inputs ... like

But why leave it to chance? Can't you make a 30-second test file and have the people out there test it ..?

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Re: International standards question
on May 19, 2007 at 1:49:50 am

Well the conference is probally over and i bet all went well eh? outside of the very small world of NTSC everything is multistandard, ie. in china where all of it's made, the dvd players/TVS/whatever will play anything ya feed it. Never try and convert NTSC to PAL using software, it will just ruin the video. Just find a pc DVD player like Cyberlink that plays both, or any chinese settop sold outside of north america, and all will be well.

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