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Yoga Video question, how much to pay the Instructor/Actor.

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Clint Nitkiewicz Hernandez
Yoga Video question, how much to pay the Instructor/Actor.
on Jan 27, 2007 at 4:35:21 am

How much should I pay the instructor,

a one time fee for the day, or

a percentage of the profits of the dvd sales, 15-40%,

I know this may vary based on the actual person, but say they are top knotch, 40%, or just your average instructor 15%,

I am doing all the work, they are just going to be working the day of the shoot,

How much might the Taebo guy or the Yoga Kundalini master get paid per video, per DVD consisting of 2 hours of footage?

Clint Nitkiewicz Hern

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Mark Suszko
Re: Yoga Video question, how much to pay the Instructor/Actor.
on Jan 29, 2007 at 2:44:17 am

"They are just going to be working the day of the shoot..."


They have been working at what they do for years, perhaps decades, to be capable and available for what you want to shoot. And that's what you're paying for. Can't minimize the importance of that. You're not just paying for the guy to talk; you are in a sense paying for everything he knows and all the work he did to learn it. You really can't afford to pay THAT amount, of course, so what you ARE paying is a symbolic recognition of his expertise. And reimbursement for his inconvenience.

My own experience tells me that you don't want to get into a residuals or points situation with everybody you tape, where you'll have to constantly get back to them every month to tell them how many units sold and how much from that is their cut... all on your word. Not that your word isn't good, but why should anybody have to take it.

No. Go with a flat fee and be done with it, in this case, based on what they charge for a day of instruction, plus a little bonus. Either you can afford to pay them a reasonable fee for what they will do, or you can't. In the case of "can't", perhaps they have an altruistic reason for appearing, like a doctor with a message about people's health, who might forego a fee because it's part of his oath to help people this way.

Rest assured, if that same doctor is asked to be an expert witness in a courtroom, he ain't doing that for free, even if it's the same exact information he gave away publicly.

At least go for an honorarium and plenty of screen credit, but establish that it's a one-time amount up front. Always remembering that without the guy, you HAVE no show.

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Cal Johnson
Re: Yoga Video question, how much to pay the Instructor/Actor.
on Feb 7, 2007 at 6:38:57 pm

Its a good question. I think one of the things you have to consider is how you are going to market the video, and who's going to be buying it. For example, let's say you are creating a "beginners" yoga DVD, and you have very specific ideas on what will be demostrated and the narration, all you need is a competent instructor who will perform the excercises you already have laid out. Maybe the instructor isn't even going to talk, you'll add a voice over later, so you just need someone to show how the moves are done. You'll put them in the right order, in post along with little explanations that will help a beginner. Well, for that, I'd think the "flat fee" idea would be the way to go.
However, let's say you're hiring someone who is not only an "expert" but is renown as a great instructor, and has an awesome program that they have worked out. They'll be explaining all of the movements as they go through them, and its basically a DVD of a routine that they have developed and has proven very successful. In this case, you would probably want to have some kind of royalty worked out. This might be a good relationship anyways, as they may help you market and promote your video, maybe selling it at classes, if they are going to share in the profits.

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Re: Yoga Video question, how much to pay the Instructor/Actor.
on Feb 15, 2007 at 8:14:57 pm

One other thought,

If you see them on an infomercial, they are probably making a whole lot of money. If by looking at the piece, the spot looks like it was taped on HD, or Digibeta, and there is a great deal of polish. Were not talking hundreds of dollars for pay, were talking both thousands, and percentage point. They know its because of them, the product is selling and they need to be compensated for that. They are the brand. If your person doesn't know they are the brand, its up to you to compensate the fairly for what they are doing. If you want to pay them SAG rates, here is a link to what they would require if you did a union shoot.
It give some perspective

Sometimes it also goes back to what is the person's time worth?

Just my thoughts

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