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Moveing from Broadcast News to Corporate Video.

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Geoff Tirrell
Moveing from Broadcast News to Corporate Video.
on Apr 25, 2006 at 2:50:21 am

Hello I'm a Photojournalist who is looking to make the transition from broadcast news into the world of corporate video. My questions are what options do I have in the Connecticut area. Should I look to a production company job, an established DP who needs an assistant or go into busness for myself. If I do go ahead and make this transition what obsticals should I expect to face and be prepared to overcome. Please ask any questions and address any other issues that come to mind, I will try to answer them accordingly.


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Craig Seeman
Re: Moveing from Broadcast News to Corporate Video.
on Apr 25, 2006 at 1:42:00 pm

Use your background as your strength. Have you thought about doing VNRs (Video News Releases)?

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Ben Read
Re: Moveing from Broadcast News to Corporate Video.
on Apr 26, 2006 at 3:29:51 pm


If you're married, I'm sure your wife has either already given you a small frown and expressed concern or been a big push in making a change. Either way, you're right to be asking about obstacles. I don't know anything about you, so I'm not doubting your skills, ambition, commitment or anything about you, so please read this as really just a few recommendations I have from my own personal experience.

I was in broadcast news and made the transition to corporate video by starting my own company. After 2 years now I'm starting to be glad about my decision - but it was a tough 2 years. The first thing you have to consider in making a choice about heading out on your own concerns your business skills. I was a photog who was always ready to jump on a story and was used to 2 - 3 stories a day... now, I'm out there selling as much as or more frequently than I am shooting and editing. Unless you have a lot of contacts in the business world, the only way you're going to make it is by promoting yourself and seeking out work. Then there are all the requirements of business management: finances, employee management, contract crews, general business upkeep, etc. These aren't trivial things and require a lot of time and attention... often when you have the least of either.

The next challenge you might face is handling all aspects of a production. When I was first getting started I had to look to smaller projects because there were some things I couldn't do. Graphics, scoring (if you need more custom music), large on location/in studio productions, etc. You'll need people to help you with the larger projects. Also, producing becomes your responsibility. Are you the kind of person who can get people motivated and working towards a common goal? Can you manage a crew while you're managing the client and taking on any production responsibilities you might have? These are just a few things to consider.

If you plan to go out on your own, here are just a few recommendations:
(1) Make sure you have enough money in the bank to keep you afloat for a while. Projects are few and far between in the beginning.
(2) Work on building a rolodex of folks you'd feel comfortable contracting with.
(3) Get involved in a local producers association to make contacts.
(4) If you're not sure about how to manage and operate a business, look into courses offered through a community college / jr. college or start making friends with other entrepreneurs. There's a lot to learn!
(5) If you don't have the equipment you need already, find out where to rent what you will need, and buy as you go. I started with a camera, a shotgun microphone and a non-linear editing system, but I've slowly built my collection to include a crane, several light kits and lighting equipment, audio production tools, etc. A lot of my equipment was financed by clients

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Geoff Tirrell
Re: Moveing from Broadcast News to Corporate Video.
on May 1, 2006 at 3:10:46 am

Good points on all counts. I have spoken with my fianc

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David Cohen
Re: Moveing from Broadcast News to Corporate Video.
on May 14, 2006 at 1:31:38 am


I am a motion graphics designer, and have started to do some corporate work, and would like much more.
In terms of marketing, what has worked for you, local organizations like commerce groups? If so, and some have recomended joining such groups, how have you sought them out? Or, as a specialist, should I seek out corporate production companies instead of direct cleints/companies?
I know these are broad questions, but like you have said, the work in the beginning is few and far between.
I have a strong reel that has brought work recently, which is encouraging, but more work requires more networks. While I am good at networking, I don't know many corporate video people yet. Any further suggestions?

Thank you in advance.


Dave Cohen

Motion Graphics * Digital Design

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