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DJI Ronin for Weddings

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Evan Heneghan
DJI Ronin for Weddings
on Aug 24, 2015 at 2:46:03 pm


I am thinking of purchasing a DJI Ronin for my BMPC 4k to use at weddings and using it as my main rig, that is to say I will mount it on my tripod during sermon etc. and then use it as it is intended the rest of the time. The thing holding me back right now is that

a). I don't know if I can attach a battery mount (and wire) to the DJI Ronin (perhaps along the grip)

b). I don't know if I can attach a monitor to the DJI Ronin, though it looks like maybe that on eis possible.

c). I don't know how using a follow focus will affect the balance of my device.

Any thoughts or answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Just a quick note to say I am a strong (weightlifting) 28 year old man so the weight of it won't be (too much) of an issue.


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Mark Suszko
Re: DJI Ronin for Weddings
on Aug 25, 2015 at 2:43:59 pm

I'm not excited about the idea. Then again, I'm an old fart who wears a dark suit and shoots weddings wall to wall from multiple, static, tripod locations, trying to be as invisible as possible and not interfere with the ceremony.

If this is one of those holistic hipster type weddings, not in a House of Worship, where you're actually allowed to wander all over the place and around the couple and officiant during the ceremony, then... follow your bliss. (Though my old-school aesthetic is offended by those types of camera operators who insert themselves into the event, rather than just cover it).

But if it is something in-between the two extremes, well, this is what a quick-release system is for: so you can pop the camera off the tripod and into the hand-held cage. Hopefully, while a second camera is covering you with a wide shot. Though if I was still doing these, I would prefer to keep this hand-held as a second camera, and keep the main camera on the "sticks".

If you're wanting to do it this way because you're short of funds, that's the wrong idea, IMO. Rent the extra support gear and cameras you need and fund the rentals out of the down-payment you took when you signed up for this gig.

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