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Which Camcorder to Shoot Rock Concerts ?

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Walerian Justine
Which Camcorder to Shoot Rock Concerts ?
on May 25, 2013 at 2:02:10 am

Dear Friends ,

i'm shooting amateur rock shows for sometime and using 3-4 camcorders during concerts . My system was Sony Z7 HDV + Sony Z1 HDV + Sony PD170 + Panasonic Mini DV small consumer cam just to shoot drummers feet etc ..
Few months ago i decided to sell my PD 170 DVcam + HDV Z1 to eliminate bulky cams and bought 2 NX30 + 1 consumer cam Sony CX740 . as they are small they are easier to place in concert halls , i can even hang them on the ceiling ..

But unfortunately , these cameras cannot record blue & red lights on AUTO mode .
When there's a blue or red spot on one of the guitarists , on the screen i see nothing but a whole blue-red piece . no details at all . only a grainy piece of colour recorded ..

to be more clear in my explanation i'm sending 3 photos . they show how terrible the image becomes with red light . and these photos are the best shots . once i recorded a band playing under a stable blue light and what camcorder got was just "james cameron's avatars" moving from right to left .. :)

so i think i made bad choices .. i'm ok with my Z7 hdv but i dont really wanna be back to PD170 or Z1 ..
what you guys think about the prosumer camcorder which might help me to record good images ?

as i'm in FC. Pro 7 , i'm thinking of getting JVC HM600 , to have a good workflow (native mov. recording) . anyone worked with this cam ?

Greetingz ..

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Bill Bruner
Re: Which Camcorder to Shoot Rock Concerts ?
on Jun 23, 2013 at 2:36:34 am

Hi Walerian - sorry to hear that the Sonys didn't work out for you - but you're not the only person who doesn't like Sony color reproduction.

I would trade the NX30s in for Panasonic AC90s - and I would trade the CX740 for a Panasonic GH3 DSL or their latest flagship consumer camcorder, the X920. All of these cameras have good low light performance, and good color reproduction.

Here is what the AC90 can do (intercut with a hacked GH2 - shot by Panasonic guru Paulo Teixeira):

Everybody Talks (cover) - PopALERT

Here is what the GH3 can do - note how the camera holds the skin tone despite the changing color of the background light (please watch at 1080p):

The X920 is too new to have a lot of concert or nightclub footage, but here is how it handles low light:

The AC90 is $1743 in the US, £1650 in the UK and 2458€ in Europe.

Hope this is helpful,

Hybrid Camera Revolution

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Walerian Justine
Re: Which Camcorder to Shoot Rock Concerts ?
on Jun 23, 2013 at 8:24:51 pm

Hello Bill , thank you very much for your answer .

i couldn't open up your link for Pana AC90 .
I'm highly interested in that camera as it is 3CCD . 1/4 looks a bit tight but for that price , it sounds good.

I dont believe X920 is doing a better job than CX740 in low light . Even in this posted link it doesnt look like it can hold good red ( check 2:14 and look at the instrument ) . I guess with powerful concert light spots it would be the same thing as other small consumer cams .


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