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In search of the best video player

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Doug Pederson
In search of the best video player
on Nov 30, 2010 at 12:19:33 pm

There is little doubt that mpeg has become the standard video format on the net and home video.

Waaay back (2002) when this app's video capabilities were being added; Mpeg gave you the ability to start and stop play anywhere in a clip. For that reason Mpg format became the focus. (Avi Wmv and Vob) videos do play.

When developing custom software; you can suit yourself and that's just what this beauty does. The program has features the others will be working on for years.

The 'golf' option plays each short video clip then its' last 3 seconds (the swing) in slow motion. Within 10 minutes of leaving the golf course the nearly 200 video clips (from 2 camcorders) are up and playing on the clubhouse screen. No software does it better or faster than that. None.

A similar feature for wild wild party video gigs. The Profanity Delay / Censorship option 'XXX' prevents the final 3 seconds of video from playing. Someone says something nasty. Shut off recording. Someone does something illegal shut off recording etc etc.

By creating a 'mini' video (2secs or less) as the golfers approach the tee; a 'group break' record is created. Now the play back can be done 'random by foursome'. OR for Real Estate - shoot a mini clip outside the house and 5 or 6 from inside and have videos play 'random by property' in the office window.

This player can continuously pick a random video then play a random segment. Freezing for 4 seconds on the last frame. If you have lots of video you'll enjoy random.

Swamp Video has a number of other great video features. The above are the key ones the competition doesn't have.

No matter how fantastic each Video format may be; MPEG or otherwise. They are nothing without great video playback capabilities. Swamp video and desktop search is by far the greatest mpeg player to date. Or any date.

Time-line playback makes doing video easy and fast. No video editing - No Joining videos - No Splitting videos.

All you Creative Cow video gurus are being "Called Out" to the "2010 Digital Video Showdown"

The King of Digital Video wants a piece of the so called video techies. Bring 'em on.

come on over - See how your Mega posting Mods / Demigods / Big Big Gunners do. When they aren't in control.

Me and my Swampies want to see you at the showdown. What great features does your video player have? Can they match these?

The Digital Video awakening is happening. Be there.

Digital video enthusiast

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Doug Pederson
Large font captions followed by the Video segment
on Jan 4, 2013 at 9:04:04 pm

This video demonstrates how easy RANDOM non-linear playback is.

Large font (48 point) text detailing the video clip that follows. Slow motion, play again, resume speed and random groupings of text / video segments. What good are video players that can't do this? Video without commentary soon loses relevance.

Digital video enthusiast
AKA SpectateSwamp

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