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Video Gallery check...
on Jul 15, 2007 at 5:35:51 pm

Hey all,

I've just revamped my wedding video gallery. Before I release it to the public, I would love some comments on user playback. I've included Flash, Quicktime and Windows versions in the gallery, and I'm debating whether or not I should include a small/medium/large category to cover internet speeds from all users. It plays great on my MacBook Pro, and in Windows XP using Boot Camp, however, a few peers have reported that videos have stuttered during playback.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!


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Jeff Carpenter
Re: Video Gallery check...
on Jul 24, 2007 at 4:56:03 pm

Looks good, but you should simplify it all somewhat. I see a main gallery at /Videos.html, which is fine, but then I see (from /Welcome.html) that I'm presented with these pages:


There's nothing wrong with having these split out as their own pages away from the gallery, but I think the links to these pages should be listed on /Videos.html, not /Welcome.html. (Or if you want them to appear on the welcome page, they should take you to the gallery which would contain these videos and descriptions at the bottom.)

When I go to a gallery, I like to think that I'm seeing everything the site has to offer. There might be sub-pages, which is fine, but I'd like to think I can treat the main gallery page as a launching site into everything there is. When I find other videos on other pages it makes me wonder: Are these the same videos I've already seen? Are they different ones? Did I miss something else on the site?

Your site isn't really that confusing, but it just makes me wonder if I've seen all the videos when I come across things like that. You current setup certainly works well, but it's just something to think about.

I think the main goal of a site like this is to eliminate anything that's confusing to your customer. If is a little hard to use, they'll stick with it and figure it out. If a videographer's site is hard to use they'll just move on to the next one on their list. I think we have to try even harder than the big sites to be clear right away because we get less of a chance to impress than they do.

My site is VERY overdue for a re-design, so don't take too many lessons from it. However, I think it's still a good example of simplicity. Check it out:

I've had many, many people tell me that they liked me right away because they were able to easily and quickly find what they needed on my site. That's sadly not true for a lot of people in our business.

You've already got that part down, though. You do have a very good site already, the links across the top make everything very clear. You're 99% there , but it's that last 1% that takes the most work! By trimming the same information down to less pages, you can really make your customers feel a lot more at ease. And that counts for a lot.

Along those same lines, there's no reason to have 3 video formats on there. I'd pick 2 and leave it at that. I don't think you'll be leaving anyone out with any combination of 2 you pick. (Going with just flash is probably ok, but having 2 choices to be extra safe isn't a bad thing.) Having 2 choices instead of 3 means 1 less choice for people which means 1 less distraction away from your message.

Anyway, as it is now your site is very good. I don't mean that you should rip everything up based on these's just some food for thought as you continue to work on your page in the future.

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