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is the v1 right for me - live training events???

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nathan mitchiner
is the v1 right for me - live training events???
on Apr 9, 2007 at 2:49:39 pm

Hello to All -

[NOTE: Sorry for the long post. Figured details would help]

Here's the background - I work for a training company in Raleigh, NC. We do custom training (eLearning, classroom training, live event training, etc).

I work with both the eLearning and live event training sides of the company to help produce audio voiceovers, web video, training dvds, and live event commercial highlights. We aren't close to the complexity of broadcast and I am just a one man show (editing and filming) for my company with the exception of freelancer light people and sound people.

We rent all of our video equipment and currently shoot/edit in SD using firewire and Vegas 7.0d on a Quad Core (2 Xeons) Dell Optiplex with 4GB of Ram, etc (we usually rent PD170s or DVX100bs).

My boss has given me a budget a little under $10K to get basic video package together (camera, a good tripod, a VTR, and a decent monitor for color correcting while editing and use as a field monitor when doing shoots, extra batteries???, camera case, possible wireless mic combo???, etc.)

Because we have over 8 live event (day long pharmaceutical sales rep seminars in various hotel ballroom/conference rooms across the country) to produce and shoot before the end of the year, we want to go ahead and buy the video equipment.

Currently, we shoot in standard 60i and these sales rep seminars usually have a combination of dimmed house lights by 75% with pro stage lighting on light trees to illuminate the stage area and the speakers.

After doing some research with prices, I am STRONGLY leaning toward getting HDV gear as a form of future proofing the equipment since the cost is so similar to a good SD setup.

For now, our deliverables will continue to be all in SD (DVDs, Web Video, etc). But, if we have the money, why wouldn't we go ahead and upgrade and start with HDV stuff?

So, I am leaning toward the Sony HVR-M25U as a VTR to capture and work with footage and the V1 for the camera.

I have been scouring the forums here as elsewhere for pros and cons of the V1. It is definitely in our price range along with the M25U. The Z1 is a little out of the budget at this point.

But, here are the PROS of the V1 and CONS the way I see it -


-HDMI OUT (in case we need it in the future)
-20X (stage will sometimes be 100ft away)
-Compatible footage unlike the comparable yet proprietary canon a1 (24f, 30f)
-The V1 shoots 60i, and progressive if we ever need to 24P, 30P
-16:9 (for nice wide audience shots in these conference ballrooms)
-2 XLR (for interviews and house line in mix at these events)
-1080 HDV, DV, DVCAM (for flexibility in shooting)
-Light weight and very user friendly form factor
-Plays very well with vegas 7


-Low-light capabilities vs. SD PD170 and even Z1 (4 lux for the V1 (at f/1.6, 18dB) versus 3 lux minimum illumination for the z1)

-Rolling Shutter (Since the majority of the camera's use will not be high action and will be on a tripod shooting stage shots or other planned vignette shots - talking head, interviews, etc, is this really a problem?????)

-CMOS (1/4-inch, 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor system vs CCD - Should I be concerned about this new CMOS technology for what I am trying to do - 2 frames to make up a picture instead of 1 in CCD's)

-Special Video Out Cables (But is this really a problem???)

-I heard some people not having solid audio from xlr (line in and mic in). Anyone have good experiences with audio quality?


With all this said, can someone address my questions about the CONS and let me know whether or not they think the V1 would suit what we are trying to accomplish with a camera?

I would GREATLY appreciate the advice and recommendations from you pros out there.

Kind Regards

PS. Here are some non color corrected shots of the typical events I would be shooting with the actual light conditions. On second thought, after seeing the images, the house lights are probably dimmed only 50% instead of 75%.

This footage was shot with the Panny DVX100b (10x optical) at the back of the ballroom about 75 feet away.

Thoughts now about how the V1 may fair in this kind of moderately lit environment?

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Re: is the v1 right for me - live training events???
on Apr 9, 2007 at 7:15:41 pm

I'm going to say the same thing you were told on the HDV forum, the only way to know for sure is to rest one and test it in the conditions you will be using it under. That will also let you see how a HDV workflow would work for you.

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