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I don't appreciate being ignored!

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Justin Coolidge
I don't appreciate being ignored!
on Jan 25, 2016 at 11:31:38 am

90% of my recent posts on here go COMPLETELY IGNORED!!! like NO replies EVER!!! I don't appreciate being singled out and ignored, ESPECIALLY when it PREVENTS me from getting ANY work done due to the various problems with various software I post about! EVERYBODY ELSE gets replies on this website BUT me! and when I do get replies, it is usually some fake answer that does not work and when I tell them that, they ditch the topic!!

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Eric Kirk
Re: I don't appreciate being ignored!
on Jan 25, 2016 at 12:41:28 pm

Hey there,
Just an innocent bystander here and in fact I rarely even use this site anymore.

But to answer your question on why you might be getting ignored, just try reading your posts.

I took the liberty of reading a few and in pretty well every one, you yell (CAPs) and use excessive exclamation points. Further, you yell back at someone who has provided an answer (such as the scoreboard).

So, look no further than the rude and belligerent way in which you talk to people.

That's my assessment. No response required as I do not intend to respond to anything further.

But it's quite obvious to me.

Eric D. Kirk

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Tim Wilson
Re: I don't appreciate being ignored!
on Jan 25, 2016 at 8:07:41 pm

[Eric Kirk] "So, look no further than the rude and belligerent way in which you talk to people."

Justin, I can also see some places where people tried to help you by starting with follow-up questions, but you never answered them. In fact, just today on another thread where you asked why nobody was answering you, there are 2 people trying to help, and you haven't replied to either one of them. There are also other threads where this is the case.

There are additional problems on other threads, too. For example, on one thread you are offered a solution that could have been easily adapted (changing a clock to a counter -- the technique for placing it onscreen and animating would work perfectly), and in another, you did not use Google's search options to request only recent answers. (Click "Search Tools," and under the "Any Time" dropdown menu, select the time range you desire.) Those are your problems, not the COW's.

So, to follow up on Eric's observations, I will make three suggestions:

1) Don't post when you're upset or angry. This is actually my #1 suggestion to everyone, everywhere, including Twitter and Facebook. Good things rarely come from angry posts. Very bad things often do.

Believe me, we all understand what it's like to be upset. Creative COW was started in 1995 by video producers who couldn't find the help they needed online when their equipment was failing. Gear was expensive back then, and people like me were literally taking out second mortgages on our homes to get started. The safety of our families was at stake.

But you still have to speak to people online in a way that they can hear you. Which also means, in a way that they can "see" you. Which brings me to:

2) Limit your use of all caps and exclamation points. You will not need to try as hard with this if you're less upset when you post, but look around. People just don't use a lot of all caps and exclamation points in typical conversation. Sometimes they might do it in a way that's intentionally humorous, but apart from that context, it really is considered hostile.

It's also considered completely unprofessional. Don't forget: Creative COW is a community that was started by, and for, full-time media professionals. Students in related fields have of course found a home here, as have professionals in other fields whose jobs require skills in video and graphics.

But it is a community of and for professionals. A certain level of decorum is expected.

3) Remember that the people here want to help. Creative COW's roots go back to 1995. We're still around because people are generous with their time and experience. The people who participate in the COW remember that part of the reason we're still here is because of all the people who've helped us.

So instead of coming in hostile, insisting that you get no help or bad advice, behave like a professional, and participate in the conversations that people are in fact trying to help you with.

Please note that those are my personal observations as a media professional for 20 years before I joined Creative COW. Speaking as part of the official Creative COW team for 10 years, I can also tell you that most of our 300,000 members are finding what they need most of the time. I honestly believe that you can too if you can participate in a more appropriate way.

Good luck,

Tim Wilson
Creative COW

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Bob Zelin
Re: I don't appreciate being ignored!
on Jan 26, 2016 at 11:15:48 pm

Me, and Justin Coolidge, in a fighting cage. No shirts, ALL CAPS. Come on, you know that people would pay to see that.

Bob Zelin

Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.

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